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caFACE @ Hongdae

Tomorrow is Memorial Day in Korea so it’s a long weekend! I figured I’d take the opportunity to get started on my final exam studies early…yay (-人-。) A few weeks ago I visited the famous caFACE in Hongdae – a cafe famous for printing your face on your coffee!

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Monster Cupcakes @ Hongdae

Hello everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and I’ve missed it a lot 🙁 Finally going to be back to my routine now that exams are over and I have some free time(-ish). Some time last month I went to Monster Cupcakes in Hongdae, which has been one of my top places to get sweets for a while now, as…

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Majane Pudding @ Ewha

Last week I was walking to one of my favourite cafes in Ewha University area and noticed a new place with really appealing graphic design. It had a really modern feel to it and stood out among the more traditional/old-fashioned designs on the stores surrounding it. So I decided to go in a few days later and check it out…

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