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My Trip to Osaka, Japan!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence, but the reason I was missing was because I took a short vacation to Japan! 😀 I will be sharing some photos of what I did in this LONG post, so feel free to read on if you want to check out what I got up to!

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O' Shake @ Hapjeong

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Seoul has been freezing lately, giving me little motivation to do anything at all, let alone leave the house, but I finally was able to get out and find somewhere interesting to share with my followers – O’Shake!

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Cafe 3rd Seorab @ Busan

With the holidays having approached at the speed of light I decided to go somewhere that felt a little Christmas-y, as it gets quite lonely this time of year for those of us living overseas away from our families 🙁 I took a stop at a Christmas themed cafe while I was in Busan recently – Cafe 3rd Seorab!

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