Etude House Fix and Fix Fixer Powder Review

Hi guys! The holiday season is pretty much over, so it’s back to the grind for a lot of us. I received a few gifts from Etude House along with the monthly review product, plus bought a few K-Beauty things on my own, and out of those products this was the one that was requested the most for review – the Etude House Fix and Fix Fixer Powder!

K-Beauty Pencil Eyeliners 101 Part 1 – Etude House, Espoir, & VDL!

Happy weekend! I’ve been wanting to do another K-Beauty 101 post, so here’s a thorough look at and comparison of cream/pencil liners from Etude House, Espoir, and VDL. I was going to make this just one post, but you should know by now that I’m extremely long-winded 😂. So I decided to separate it into 2 parts for your guys’ sake! Part 2 will talk about Innisfree, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, JSM Beauty, as well as a final comparison of every liner covered in both posts. This is going to be a long one, so grab a snack and enjoy the read! <3

Etude House Play Color Eyes "Wine Party" / Color in Liquid Lips Mousse "OR201/OR202" Review & Swatches

Another week is over, and summer is now long gone here in Canada. Fall is my favourite season of the year, so as soon as it starts to cool off I get in the mood for fall colours! I will be reviewing the newest addition to the Play Color Eyes line – “Wine Party”, as well as OR201 and OR202 from the relaunch of the Color in Lips line! I tried something new for the photos, so I hope you enjoy! <3

Innisfree My Palette Custom Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! Summer is coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s the perfect time to start breaking out your fall colors…And what better way to do it than by creating your own palette with Innisfree’s new My Palette custom palettes! (amazing segue into the post, I know)

DBStory Decoden Cafe @ Hongdae

Hey guys! I will eventually run out of Korean cafe posts to do, but I still have a few left to share with you. Today I will be talking about the DBStory Decoden Cafe in Hongdae. They offer a wide variety of things to decorate your cellphone cases, or anything else you bring. All you have to do is pay for the materials!

Etude House Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk All 10 Colors & Cases

Hello everyone! Yet another Etude House post because they are basically all that I own and purchase 😂. This month’s Pink Bird post is about their newest lipstick formula – the Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk (what a name). I will be reviewing all 10 colours, as well as showing off the 6 cases that came out with the line.

This post is done in collaboration with @doniatheconsumer (Instagram), who lovingly took all the photos for me! <3