Etude House Play Color Eyes “Bake House” Palette Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! Back at it again with this month’s Etude House Pink Bird review 👀. Part 1 of this month’s reviews is the Play Color Eyes “Bake House” palette! This palette features 10 shades, some new, some old faves – if you want to hear more about how it performs and what it looks like, read on!

Most of the Play Color Eyes palettes are themed around foods or drinks, and this one is no exception! I’m not really sure what to say about the concept of this palette, other than that it makes sense when you consider the colour story featured inside.

The packaging is the standard packaging for this series of palettes – thin, long, plastic packaging with art featuring the theme in the center. I like the touch of the cutting board with bread on it!

Information on the box and on the back of the palette

They’ve been doing a good job at having the names of the colours in both Korean and English lately, although the names aren’t literally translated so I get to do that myself later (one of my fave things to do in these reviews😍).

I believe shades “Sugar Rusk”, “Cinnamon Pastry”, “Cream Cheese Bagel”, “Mini Canele”, “Salty Brownie”, and “Almond Croissant” are new, with “Milk Latte”, “Pine Cone”, “Acoustic Guitar”, “Beach Coconut” being classic, popular shades.

The colour story is rather simple – all pale, orangey browns! I love the little drawings they dedicate to each colour, so I shall detail them below.

From left to right we have “Sugar Rusk”, “Cafe latte with a lot of milk”, “Gently Dried Pinecone”, “Acoustic Guitar Goddess”, “Cinnamon Pastry”, “Cream Cheese Bagel”, “Coconut by the Sea”, “Mini Canele”, “Salty Brownie”, and “Almond Croissant”.

As I mentioned above, the colour story didn’t strike me as being particularly interesting at first glance, as it’s mostly just neutral browns that I knew were likely to apply very sheer. However, the two glitter colours caught my eye, and you’ll see below why they’re my two favourites from the collection!

(L to R) Beach Coconut, Mini Canele, Salty Brownie, Almond Croissant

From the left – the first 2 shades are mattes, with the 3rd being a shimmer, and the 4th a matte with small micas of glitter in it. I tend to like shades like the 4th, because they add a unique flair to your standard matte shadow, but I find that this shade (Almond Croissant) is quite similar to Mini Canele (shade 2). Once on the eye, you can barely tell the difference between them.

Sugar Rusk, Milk Latte, Pine Cone, Acoustic Guitar, Cinnamon Pastry, Cream Cheese Bagel

This side features 2 glitters, 3 mattes, and 1 shimmer. The 3rd shade in the palette, Pine Cone, is also really similar to Almond Croissant and Mini Canele. It’s odd because they all look so different in the pan, but once applied come off very similar🤔. The cream shade, Cream Cheese Bagel, is actually quite pigmented and works well as a base shade, or to highlight parts of your eye. The worst shade by far in the whole palette is Acoustic Guitar, which as you’ll see below, is a powdery, patchy mess. It has the weirdest, sandiest texture of any shadow I’ve felt in ages😵.

I checked out the swatches on Etude House’s website to see how different they portrayed the matte shadows I mentioned being similar, but they look very same-same here too. Beach Coconut even looks very similar!

Sugar Rusk & Cinnamon Pastry

These are my 2 fave shades in the palette! Sugar Rusk is a brilliant white/cream glitter with gold and pink sparkles in it. Cinnamon Pastry is a brown-based shimmer that also has gold and pink sparkles in it. Both are very pigmented and sparkly. I’ve used Sugar Rusk as a glittery highlighter and it’s GORGEOUS!

☆ My Look ☆

I blended Mini Canele in my crease into Pine Cone on my lower lid. I patted Salty Brownie on the outer half of my eye, and tried patting Acoustic Guitar over the rest of it. I highlighted my eye bag above Pine Cone with Cream Cheese Bagel, and my inner corner and brow bone with Sugar Rusk. (The liner is from Espoir)

I had a hard time blending out Mini Canele, and it was a little patchy and kept lifting off my lid (which could also be an issue with my primer). Salty Brownie is pigmented and goes on smooth without issue even without a sticky base!

As you can see, Acoustic Guitar kept lifting on my lid.

I had the same issue on both lids, unfortunately. It was so powdery and dry that it felt like it just wouldn’t stick? It felt like I was applying some kind of fine sand to my eye, and because of that it wasn’t the prettiest shadow either. Peep that highlight with Sugar Rusk though 👀.

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

I’ve said this before, but personally I’m not a huge fan of the Play Color Eyes series as I find the quality to always be lower than the single shadows of the same shades. I know that Acoustic Guitar is one of Etude House’s most popular shades, so I’m thinking the poor quality might be how it was formulated/pressed for this palette. The two glitter shades are EXCELLENT, and the mattes are rather pigmented (although I had issues blending out Mini Canele as I mentioned). You get 0.8g per shade for 22,000KRW (0.2g less per shadow than the Wine Party palette), where their single Look At My Eyes shadows go for 3,500KRW (standard, Cafe) ~ 4,000KRW (Jewel).

Personally I find this palette to be rather underwhelming – 4 of the shades look incredibly similar, 1 doesn’t perform well at all, and despite the rest of the shades being quite nice, because they’re not very unique you’re better off just buying similar single shadows and saving your money.

And that’s it for this month’s review! Unfortunately another disappointment for me personally – what do you guys think? Did you pick this up, or are you planning to? You can check it out yourself at Etude House’s website here! Until next time~ (ノ≧ڡ≦)



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