Etude House Colorful Tattoo Tints All 10 Shades Swatches & Review

Helloooo everyone! This month’s Pink Bird post is yet another lip tint post, this time on Etude House’s newest lip tint formula – the Colorful Tattoo Tint! I received all 10 shades for review, and swatched them all for you, so let’s get into it!

The Colorful Tattoo Tint claims to be a long-lasting (like a tattoo!), pigmented, and comfortable on the lips. I’m honestly a liiiiittle bit bored (to put it nicely) of Etude House releasing collection after collection of lip tints, but we’ll see if these are any different than the ones they’ve already released this year😪.

The Tattoo Tints came with this sleeve around the boxes, and while it might look like an “E”, it’s actually a Korean ㅌ which has a “T” sound! The 4 T’s spell out TaTtoo Tin(타투 틴트).

The colours are separated into 4 categories, Red, Pink, Orange, and Brown, which you can more or less see by the colour on the outside of the tube. It seems like they tried to match the colour on the tube to the colour inside, but it’s not super obvious at first glance so you’ll likely have to read the back of the tube to see the name to be able to tell them apart. In my opinion, with such a fun concept like “tattoo tint” they could have had more fun with the packaging. I think the old Etude House would have done something cuter like they did with the Bling Me Prism collection, with little tattoo-inspired designs on the tube🤔.

The wand is the similar to the original Color in Liquid Lips’ wands, with a thinner tip for a more precise application, which helps given that these are a thicker, more opaque style of lip tint.

☆ Red ☆

There are 5 reds total, the most of any of the shades!


RD301 – My Madness (마이 매드니스) is described as being for “warm/Fall/deep” skintones (I find it so helpful when they list these out on their website!), and is a strongly orange-based red.


RD302 – Red on Bare (레드 온 베어) is described as a “neutral-Spring/Winter-clear”, cool-toned red. A classic fire hydrant red.


At this point I had to start using foundation on my lips to get a true colour of the tint to come through, because they were stained so red😅. RD303 – Cherry on Top (체리 온 탑) is recommended for “cool/Winter/clear” tones (idk what “clear” means here, honestly;;), and is a bright, cherry/pink red.


RD304 – Instant Love (인스턴트 러브) is recommended for “cool/Summer/light” skin tones. A pinkish, coral red. Great for summer! The lip swatches started to get out of hand at this point, since I was on my 6th one, so forgive the shakiness😅.


RD305 – Boss Lady (보스 레이디) is recommended for “cool/Summer/deep” tones. This one is probably my favourite of the 5 reds – it’s a gorgeous, cool-toned, muted colour!

☆ Pink ☆

There are only 2 pinks, which is interesting because I find them to be kind of similar to each other 🤔.


PK001 – Insider Dancer (인사이더 댄서) is for “cool/Summer/mute” tones. I’m so confused by this categorization system tbh – what does “mute” mean here😐? Either way, this being called a firey MLBB but it’s a bit dark to be an MLBB when applied thickly imo. However if it’s blotted out, it’s easily the lightest and most “natural” of the 10.


PK002 – Naughty Hipster (너티 힙스터) is recommended for “cool/summer/mute” tones, just like the previous pink. I’d argue that this is more “MLBB” than PK001, as it carries undertones that match more closely to my natural lip colour. My favourite of the 2!

☆ Orange ☆

There are 2 oranges, and 1 brown.


OR201 – Blushed Nude (블러쉬드 누드) is a “warm/Fall/mute” toned lip, and is a subtle, orangey-toned MLBB-esque colour. This is more of a universal orange than most, and if you’re not sure if an orangey tone will suit you, I recommend this one as it’s a bit of an in-between colour!

OR202 – Not Kind (낫 카인드) is a more intense, kind of white-based orange intended for “warm/Spring/light” tones. Formula-wise this one is a miss for me, as it goes on quite streaky and clings to my dry patches. It took quite a bit of finessing to get it to the tone in the picture.

☆ Brown ☆


BR401 – Wild Rumor (와일드 루머) is a “warm/Fall/deep” tone. I’m not quite sure why this one is categorized as brown, as it could easily be an orange in my opinion. It’s quite a unique colour as far as tints go, as it’s a veeeery burnt orange that is giving me strong Fall/Winter vibes. I don’t find that it suits me, but the brown undertones make this super unique!

☆ Formula 

When comparing them all next to each other like this, I don’t see that much difference between the reds or the pinks. There are a feeeew subtle differences in undertone, but tints are generally meant to be worn in a “sheered out” fashion so I feel like the differences won’t be super obvious once blotted, considering they’re still pretty similar at full pigmentation. If you want to try the reds, your best bet is to buy a red that matches your undertone and call it a day instead of getting several since they’re so similar to each other!

Once the top layer is rubbed off, they leave a stain on your skin! It lasted quite a few hand washes throughout the day.

After swatching 6 colours, this is what my lips ended up looking with despite using coconut oil to attempt to remove the colour! I used 2 cleansers before bed, and still had a slight stain on in the morning so they’re definitely pretty potent.

Having said that, this is what my lips look like after wearing PK001 for a few hours – completely bare with just a sliiight ring around them. I found that while they don’t transfer much (once blotted), they don’t last through food or drink despite longevity allegedly being their biggest selling point. I don’t find that they last any less or longer than your average lip tint, so I’m underwhelmed to say the least…

☆ Final Thoughts 

The packaging is nice quality, the application (except for OR202) goes on pigmented, smooth, and the stain is nice. However, with a name like “tattoo” tint, and considering how they’re being marketed as a super long lasting tint, I find these to be a little “meh”. Maybe I’ve been a little cynical towards Etude House lately, but I’m just bored with the same old colours, seemingly same old formulas just marketed with a different name, and plain packaging (compared to their cutesy/creative packaging of the past).

At 10,000 KRW for 3.5g they’re on the pricier end of Etude House lip tints, so I’d recommend just sticking with the Color in Liquid Lips Mousse/Colorful Vivid Tint (if you can stand the taste)/Soft Drink Tints as I find those formulas to be preferable, and they come at a cheaper price point with similar colours. These aren’t a bad product by any means, so if you were thinking of picking any up you won’t be getting anything bad! This is just how I feel about them😅.

Were you thinking about picking any of these up? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this huge influx of lip tints coming out from Etude House. I honestly don’t know what other kinds of lip products they could do at this point🤔, maybe glitter glosses?

And that’s it for this month’s Pink Bird post! I hope you enjoyed it💜. Hopefully next month isn’t more lip products so I can bring a little more diverse content for you guys! Until then~ (▰∀◕)ノ



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