Etude House Look At My Eyes Frutti & Dear My Darling Water Gel Tint Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! This month’s Pink Bird box featured 4 different kinds of products, two of which I will be reviewing in this post! Etude House recently released a mini collection of Look At My Eyes shadows, the “Frutti” edition, as well as a reformulation and relaunch of the Dear My Darling Water Gel Tints, just in time for summer! I received 5 of the shadows and 4 of the lip tints for review, so let’s get into it!

☆ Look At My Eyes Frutti ☆

The Look At My Eyes Frutti edition comes with 10 different shadows, in matte (cafe), shimmer, and glitter (jewel) finishes. The packaging features different stickers of fruit, but nothing different from the standard L.A.M.E packaging (that abbreviation though😂).

From Etude House’s website

Nothing really different from usual K-Beauty procedure here! Some basic warm browns, corals, oranges, and pinks.

BE117 – 너에게 바나나?

First up is BE117 – 너에게 바나나? (“2x Sweetness”), a basic goldy brown in the pan, but goes on as a sheer champagne.

BR419 – 아이고 배야 (“Ow, My Stomach!” or “Oh, a Pear!” – the word 배/Bae means both stomach and pear) is a basic powdery brown shadow.

It’s basically a dupe of BR401 that I reviewed previously in the Air Mousse line, and shows up equally as poorly on my skin. You can kinda see it in my inner corner, but with how sheer it is (despite packing it on) it can be easily mistaken for discoloration of my skin instead of intentional shadow placement.

BE116 – 아임 파인

Next is what I consider to be the most unique of the set I received – BE116 – 아임 파인 (“I’m Fine” which is pronounced as “I’m Pine” – a pineapple play-on-words!). It’s also a jewel shadow, and is a yellow shadow with a greenish undertone and pink sparkles. Doesn’t look majorly yellow on the eyes but the undertone means it goes great with the green eye looks that have been trending lately! You can see the yellow sparkles on my lid in the previous photo 🙂.

PK013 – 저기요, 살구씨

PK013 – 저기요, 살구씨 (“Excuse me, Apricot Seed” aka “Excuse Me, Mr./Ms. Apricot” – 씨/Sshi means both “seed” and “Mr./Ms.”) is a sheer pink shimmer. Works great as a blush topper to give a pretty sheen to your look!

I used it as my crease colour originally, since I didn’t realize just how shimmery it was😅. You can see it better in the previous close-up photo, but it’s a subtle blush pink that’s actually quite pretty, albeit a little basic.

OR222 – 싱숭생숭 복숭해

Last but not least is OR222 – 싱숭생숭 복숭해 (“Fidgety Peach”) is one that looks a lot more interesting in the pan than it actually is, imo! It’s a matte reddish coral base with gold sparkles.

It has a really pretty warm tone to it and is decently pigmented, but easily buildable.

BE116, BE117, PK013, OR222, BR419

The difference between BE116 and BE117 is the undertone. BE116 is more unique in that it has a yellow undertone to the glitter of which I’ve never seen in K-Beauty, so I’ll definitely be adding this one to my permanent collection. As for the other ones, PK013 will probably also get a lot of use from me as a blush topper more than anything! The rest of the colours are just okay, and if you’re a K-Beauty fan you’ll likely have them in your collection several times over.

Even packing the shadows on you can see that it creates a rather sheer, natural look. All of the shadows blend together well, so it’s safe to say that any of the shadows in the collection would pair well with each other.

The regular and cafe shadows are 3,500KRW, and the jewel ones are 5,500KRW, both for 2g of product.

☆ Dear My Darling Water Gel Tint ☆

Water tints are often associated with summer, so it should come as no surprise that some form of water tint was released by Etude House! Water tints are personally my least favourite formula of lip product, but reformulations usually improve the product, so I was hopeful!

New vs Old

The packaging is a lot more simple and sleek than the original, with a very standard font. The packaging also seems to get dinged up pretty easily, because it arrived to me with all of the scratches you see here.

The wand is mostly the same, with just a slight variation in aperture size on the wand itself.

From Etude House’s website

There are 12 total colours available!

PK002 – 자두 레드

First up is PK002 – 자두 레드 (“Plum Red”), a cool-toned purpley pink. Formula-wise it clings to the pores around my lips, as well as the inner corners. The colour itself is pretty, but I would prefer it if it looked like it did on the website instead of making my lips look like I was wearing lipstick but ate it off.

OR202 – 오렌지 레드

OR202 – 오렌지 레드 (“Orange Red”) is an orange popsicle-esque bright candy orange. Very warm toned, so if you’re into this kind of colour it’ll be right up your alley! Formula-wise it took a bit of finessing to get even, but it had a much better finish than PK002 and RD301.

PK003 – 고구마 레드

PK003 – 고구마 레드 (“Sweet Potato Red”) is my favourite from the original collection, as I find the colour very flattering and the formula to be the best I’ve tried among the water tints. This still holds up here, as it’s the least streaky and patchy of all of them, and goes on evenly!

Here’s my old swatch of PK003 from when I first got it, where it was only mildly streaky. It had such a nice colour that I didn’t mind the streakiness, and it was also bold enough that I could use it as a base for certain lipsticks and it would increase their lasting power!

RD301 – 리얼 레드

RD301 – 리얼 레드 (“Real Red”) claims to be a universally flattering red! It’s what I’d consider to be a cherry-popsicle red. It clings to the same parts as the others.

RD301, OR202, PK002, PK003

Swatched on my arm it doesn’t look like there’s much of a difference between RD301 and PK002, which is funny because they look very different on my lips. My favourite was and continues to be PK003, but I find it a bit disappointing they didn’t seem to improve the formula of these, and that it was just a packaging update. While this new packaging has lost the “Etude House charm” of the old one, they fit better in storage now, which is a plus.

At 4,500KRW for 5g these are very affordable if you want to give water tints a try! However I find the formula of water tints to be so unforgiving in general that it’s still hard to justify a purchase for me.

Applying the tints in the center of a lipstick you already put on (as I did above) can help deepen the lipstick in a flattering way, and you can also use them as a base for other lipsticks, as I find it often helps to increase the longevity of the lipstick you put on top. If you end up getting one of these and dislike the formula, hopefully those two options are ra little help!

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

Is it just me or are the things Etude House has been releasing lately a little underwhelming? Lots of same-same colours, and formulas that leave much to be desired😓. They do tend to have high and low periods with their releases, so here’s to hoping there’s a high soon!

I have one more Pink Bird post for this month, on a product that actually seems to be quite legit! So I hope you look forward to seeing that later this week🥰. Until then! (´∀`)


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