Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! Today’s post is very Spring-themed – Etude House’s Blossom Picnic collection! I’ll be reviewing 2 of the Matte Chic Lip Lacquers, 4 Air Mousse shadows, 2 Blossom Cheeks, 1 Shine Chic Lip Lacquer (with fake tattoos!), and the Glow On Hydra Base. This one is very picture heavy, so let’s get into it!

The Blossom Picnic collection comes with a wide range of products, including a new formula of eye shadow, a primer, blush, lip tints, lipsticks, and an essence. The most eye-catching aspect of this collection is the high quality, gold foil cherry blossom packaging – it’s GORGEOUS.

☆ Air Mousse Shadows ☆

This collection comes with 8 shadows, of which I got 4 for review, and are a new formula that has an “unbreakable”, soft texture meant to deliver a wet look to your eyes with a dry product.

I accidentally dropped one of the shadows on top of this one while taking the pictures, which works out great to show you the soft texture of these. They’re like a pigmented putty!

The collection comes with 2 pink shades, but I received all browns. They come in matte, shimmer, and metal (glitter) textures!

The packaging came plastic sealed with a cute cherry blossom sticker! The information is on the back of each shadow.


BR401 – 솔솔 봄바람인가 봄 (literal translation – “It Seems It’s the Soft Spring Wind” aka Spring Breeze) is a warm matte brown.

Not gonna lie…I really dislike this shadow 😂. I tried so hard to get it to show up on my skin but you can barely tell I applied anything. I’d love to say it’s a great crease colour but for the sheer (pun 100% intended) amount of layering and effort it takes to build it up to anything past this, it’s really not worth it. Their Look At My Eyes Cafe shadows are much better.


BR402 – 365일 꽃길 걷나 봄 (“I Seem To Be Walking on a Flower Road 365 Days a Year” aka Flower Road) is a reddish, coppery brown with small microglitters.

This colour is quite pretty! It’s not as pigmented as I’d have thought from this kind of formula, and I still prefer the Look At My Eyes shimmer shadows over this formula for the shimmers too. This is still a much better shadow than the previous one, despite taking some building.


BE101 – 찡긋~ 눈부신가 봄 (“Squint~ It Seems Dazzling” aka Dazzling Beige) is a champagne-based glitter formula shadow with silver glitter.

The base doesn’t come off super strongly on this one, which I like because I can use it with basically anything. I like this shadow a lot! The glitter reminds me of the silver glitter in my Urban Decay “Moonspoon” shadow, which is at a much higher price point.


PK001 – 샤랄라 흩날리나 봄 (“Shalala It Seems To Be Fluttering” aka Cherry Blossoms Popcon – they probably meant “Popcorn”😅) is a rose gold glitter bomb with many different colours of glitter!

As you can see above, there are periwinkle, pink, orange, yellow, and gold glitters in this. Similar to the previous shade, this one doesn’t have a base colour so can be patted on top of anything. I really like this one too!

BR401, PK001, BE101, BR402

All in all I feel like this new Air Mousse formula is a bit of a miss. I think it should be reserved to glitter shadows, and maybe a few shimmers, as the matte leaves much to be desired. I love the two glitter shadows and see myself using them often, but the other ones are a hard pass. They go for 4,550 KRW for 1.5g (shimmer/metal) and 2g (matte).

☆ Matte Chic Lip Lacquers & Shine Chic Lip Lacquer ☆

The packaging 😍! This collection comes with 3 Matte Chic Lip Lacquers and 2 Shine Chic Lip Lacquers.

The packaging for the matte shades is a frosted matte baby pink that fades to transparent to reveal the product inside. For the lip lacquers, the whole tube is opaque. I can’t stress enough how gorgeous the cherry blossoms with gold detailing looks in person!!


PK005 – 벚꽃비 살랑이나 봄 (“Cherry Blossom Rain Seems to be Falling” aka Pink Blossom Rain) is a VERY bright pinky red. It takes some effort to get it even, but at full pigment it’s seriously almost neon😂.


OR205 – 피크닉 가나 봄 (“It Seems We’re Going on a Picnic” aka Red For Picnic) is also hard to get even, which I think is due to whatever they put in it to make it THIS BRIGHT. It’s also another borderline neon shade, but this time in a warm orangey red.

Shine Chic Lip Lacquer RD304

RD304 – 레드 바이브인가 봄 (“It Seems To Be a Red Vibe” aka Red Vibe) looks like the above photo at full pigment, but can be sheered out to be a very natural cherry colour. The formula of these is actually great as far as lip tints go, but this particular shade (I have the full line of the regular colours) smells HORRIBLE. The chemical smell is so, so strong to where I started getting a headache while using it. I like the colour a lot but might have to throw it out because it feels like it’s risky to apply to my lips when it smells that strong.

The most interesting thing about the Shine lip lacquer is that it comes with a bunch of fake tattoos!

The tattoos feature cherry and plum blossoms, and butterflies.

The unfortunate thing is that both lip colours come with the same sheet of tattoos, so if you want both lip colours you’ll end up with two sets of the same. These are VERY easy to apply, and I originally documented the whole process when applying the one you’ll see further down in the post, but my memory card got corrupted and I lost a bunch of photos😭.

In conclusion, PK005 is my favourite of the 3 lip colours, despite the mattes being a bit streaky. I reviewed the original Matte Chic Lip Lacquer line here if you’re interested in hearing more about the formula! The mattes go for 8,400 KRW for 4g, and the Shine goes for 8,400 KRW for 3.2g, and includes the tattoos.

☆ Blossom Cheek ☆

The blushes come in 4 different shades, all varying degrees of pinks/oranges.

Mine arrived popped out of the casing 😪. But either way, the packaging of these is also super pretty!

BE101 – 매년봐도 예쁜가봄 (“They Seem to be Pretty Even Though I See Them Yearly” aka Miss Cherry Blossom) is a pale orange. It takes quite a bit of building up to get to full pigment.

PK001 벚꽃보니 설레나봄 (“I Seem to be Excited Upon Seeing the Cherry Blossoms” aka Under the Pink Trees) is a warm, coral-y pink. Requires less build up than the other one, but still a sheer colour.

BE101 & PK001

I built these up a bit in the swatches so you can get an idea of the colour. They’re a little chalky when built up like this, so I’m not sure how well they’ll do on deeper skin tones versus the other colours in the line.


As you can see, one layer doesn’t give much pigment at all. Having said that, I tend to prefer a buildable blush over one that’s full pigment from the get go.

These go for 5,600KRW for 6g! I find them comparable to the Cookie Blushers, but prettier!

☆ Glow On Hydra Base ☆

And finally – the Glow On Hydra Base!

This is meant to provide a natural glow to your face/foundation products while hydrating your skin.

This one is actually different from the original product, in that it has pink and white oil capsules in it where the original one has blue, pink, and yellow capsules.

It has a pump dispenser that is easy to control.

You can see the white and pink capsules in the above photo. When spreading them out they almost look like little chunks of highlighter suspended in the liquid.



I…uh…don’t see much of a difference? 😅 My skin felt a bit tackier, which means foundation will stick to it better, but other than that I don’t see much of a glow…? As for the application on my face, my sunscreen already provides quite a bit of glow so I didn’t see much difference there either. Having said that, my foundation went on very nicely, which is saying a lot because my skin doesn’t take well to foundation at all! It also didn’t break down as badly as it usually does, and just faded naturally throughout the day instead of bunching up. I’m pleasantly surprised, and will be using this every time I use foundation now!

I had photos of my face before and after applying it, but lost those when my memory card got corrupted😭. Like I said above though, there wasn’t much of a, if any,  difference in the photos so I’ll consider it as me saving your internet data(?)😅. This is priced the same as the original Hydra Glow Base, at 16,000KRW for 30ml.

☆ My Look & Final Thoughts ☆

I used 200 layers of Air Mousse BR401 in my crease and lower lid, and applied BR402 in the outer corner after using non-Etude House shadows on my lid. I finished the look off by patting PK001 all over my upper and lower lids to give it that glittery finish.

As you can see, the tattoo went on basically seamlessly! I had no trouble sticking it on and peeling it off, and I tried rubbing it after taking the photos to see if it would budge and it didn’t! I’m excited to use more of these as the weather gets warmer!

I used a very light layer of the Shine Lip Lacquer here! I loooove this kind of natural lip for daily use, but like I said above, the smell makes this colour way too hard to handle so I unfortunately won’t be using it😭.

All in all the packaging of this collection is the biggest hit for me. Everything looks so high end, feels weighty, and in general is just so pretty to look at. I hope that they continue to release Air Mousse shadows, but only in the glitter formula as the other ones didn’t do it for me. The matte lips were streaky, but such intense, unique neon colours that I don’t mind working a little harder for them. I also found the orange to not be particularly unflattering on my cool-toned skin either.

Have you, or will you be picking up anything from this collection? Personally I’m curious about the pink shadows! Until next time! (人◕ω◕)


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