Etude House Holiday 2018 Tiny Twinkle Collection Part 2 – Palettes

It’s been a while since I did two posts in one weekend, but here we are😄. Here’s part 2 of the Tiny Twinkle Collection review set, this time on the Tiny Twinkle Color Eyes palettes in “Rose Gold Ornament” and “Silver Crystal Ornament”! In this review I’ll swatch and discuss the formula, as well as show a look I did with each palette. Let’s go!

These palettes come in a little box with an open window showing the palette’s packaging, and a design on the box that makes it look like the palettes are an ornament on the end of a string. The packaging made me think these were going to be round!

I received 2 of the 3 palettes, the other being “Golden Bronze Ornament”, which I’m glad I didn’t get because it’s truly the most basic neutral palette I’ve ever seen😂.

☆ 1호 – Rose Gold Ornament ☆

This photo is product porn 🤤

First off – can we discuss this packaging? SO. PRETTY. I live for a glitter moment, and boy does this packaging ever deliver😍. This one comes in a ruby red glitter finish that is textured to the touch.

On the back of each palette is a hard to read sticker listing the names of the shades. I always find it so hard to figure out which shade is which when they do this, but it’s fine because there’s an insert inside the palette too! (Pictured below) From top to bottom, left to right we have:

“The Obvious Confession” (고백이 분명해), “Excitement Explosion” (설렘 폭발), “Two Flushed Cheeks” (발그레한 두 볼), “I Found You, My Heart!” (들켰다, 마음!), “Rose Gold Ornament” (로즈 골드 오너먼트), “The Reason Today Is Special” (오늘이 특별한 이유), “Tree Decorating Day” (트리 꾸미는 날), “Poinsettia Instead of Roses” (장미 대신 포인세티아), and “12/24 11:59pm”!

The insert is greatly appreciated, but it was almost like a sticker? So when trying to peel it off I gouged out a chunk of the top right shadow with my nail😢. These palettes come with a mirror, which is always nice! The palettes themselves are a convenient compact size too.

This palette is very warm toned, and has a nice range of paler shades to deep shades. There are 4 mattes, 3 glitters, and 2 shimmers. This palette has a few shades in it that remind me of the Etude House “#Caffeine Holic” palette (review coming soon), as well as the Nuts and Fruits shadows (reviewed here), so nothing new from Etude House. I wouldn’t necessarily call it the most “Christmassy” palette either, but it’s a nice colour range and is on trend.

“The Obvious Confession”, “Excitement Explosion”, “Two Flushed Cheeks”, “I Found You, My Heart!”, “Rose Gold Ornament”, “The Reason Today Is Special”

The first few shades in the palette leave much to be desired, especially “The Obvious Confession” and “I Found You, My Heart!”. They’re really not that different from each other, and the first shade in the palette is barely there. It works well as a setting shadow for your base, but other than that it’s very hard to see on my skin.  This side of the palette has more of a pinky vibe than the latter half. “Two Flushed Cheeks” is a nice transition/crease shade, and “Excitement Explosion” is not done justice by this photo, so here’s a gif:

Gif from Etude House’s website

When packed on, it’s a gorgeous glossy duochrome-ish pink! It’s easily my favourite shade in the palette and also works well as a highlight on the tops of your cheekbones.

“Rose Gold Ornament”, “The Reason Today Is Special”, “Tree Decorating Day”, “Poinsettia Instead of Roses”, “12/24 11:59pm”!

This half of the palette swatches a lot better on my arm! “Rose Gold Ornament” is quite a pretty lid colour that is glittery enough to give that “holiday” vibe. Here is where you’ll get your warm, rusty tones. This side all perform well and blend well on the lid!

I started this look by blending “I Found You, My Heart!” into my crease, and upon finding it didn’t really show up, applied “Two Flushed Cheeks” there instead. I then deepened my crease with “Poinsettia Instead of Roses”, blending it out with “The Reason Today Is Special”. I then packed “Rose Gold Ornament” onto my lid, drawing on liner with “12/24 11:59pm”. I placed the Mirror Holic glitter in “PP502” from the previous post on my tear duck, and highlighted my brow bone with “Silver Crystal Ornament” from the other palette. I found the glitter shade to go on best on a tacky lid, and it took some building up to get to this opacity. It isn’t the most opaque colour either, so it works best as a glitter topper on top of other shadows.

For the second look I used the darker shades to create a smokier look. I placed “The Obvious Confession” all over my lid, then used “Poinsettia Instead of Roses” on the outer half of my eye, deepening it with “12/24 11:59pm”. I then placed “Tree Decorating Day” on the inner half of my eye (both top and bottom), and patted the Tiny Twinkle Mirror Holic shadow in “BE102” on top of it with my finger. I finished the look up with a shimmery brown liner on my waterline, and “Silver Crystal Ornament” from the other palette as a brow highlight.

☆ 3호 – Silver Crystal Ornament ☆

More gorgeous packaging for this one! It’s covered in silver and rainbow glitter😍.

Again from top to bottom, left to right the colour names are as follows:

“Old Silver Tray” (오래된 은쟁반), “A Mood Like Sugar” (설탕맛 기분), “It Has Warmth” (온기가 있어), “Taken From the Attic” (다락방에서 꺼내온), “Silver Crystal Ornament” (실버 크리스탈 오너먼트), “Sparkling Starlight” (별빛이 총총), “The End of Waiting” (기다림의 끝), “Ding Dong!” (띵동!), and “Eyes Meeting” (마주친 눈빛).

I think this is one of the more cooler-toned palettes I’ve ever seen come out of K-Beauty. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure…It’s definitely pretty unique, while remaining “accessible” to those who find cool toned shadows daunting. In my case, however, it’s too neutral to really be that interesting to me. I don’t find “in between” shadows the most fun to use, and prefer to either go totally cool (ie. straight up grey eyeshadow) or totally warm instead of using these types of “washes of cool browns”.

“Old Silver Tray”, “A Mood Like Sugar”, “It Has Warmth”, “Taken From the Attic”, “Silver Crystal Ornament”

For being a cool-toned leaning shadow, the first half of the palette is actually pretty warm. Because of that I find they don’t blend well with the second half of the palette, and end up muddying looks up a bit. I would have preferred if these shades were cooler toned transition shades, especially “A Mood Like Sugar” and “It Has Warmth”. Those two come off as being very out of place with the rest of the palette, and don’t blend well with the other colours very well when used on the eyes because of it.

“Silver Crystal Ornament”, “Sparkling Starlight”, “The End of Waiting”, “Ding Dong!”, “Eyes Meeting”

This half is more appealing to me, because it’s what sets the palette apart the most from the Rose Gold Ornament palette. Like the that palette, this one also contains 4 mattes, 3 glitters, and 2 shimmers. Unfortunately, I found “The End of Waiting”, “Ding Dong!”, and “Eyes Meeting” very hard to work with, and they wouldn’t blend out nicely on my eyes as you’ll see in the below looks.

For this first look I started by blending “The End of Waiting” into my crease, which didn’t work at all so I had to take it off and start over with “Ding Dong!”, which was originally going to be my “deepening” shade. I had to use “Eyes Meeting” with a light hand to deepen the crease like I did in the warm version of this look, and then used “Old Silver Tray” and “Silver Crystal Ornament” all over my lid, finishing it off with “Eyes Meeting” as liner and Mirror Holic glitter in “PP502” on the inner corner. Being as pale as I am, the fact that I had a hard time getting the shadows to show up is not a good sign! This look took a LOT of blending and I found it never really blended out nicely compared to the other palette.

Here you can see I had blending issues again. I started with “Ding Dong!” on the outer half of my eye, deepening it with “Eyes Meeting” on the outmost corner. I then added “Sparkling Starlight” to the center of my lid, and “A Mood Like Sugar” in the inner half. I finished the look off with the Tiny Twinkle Mirror Holic glitter in “PK003”, and the same coppery eyeliner from the Rose Gold look. I found “Ding Dong!” and “Eyes Meeting” would just NOT blend out to a nice gradient, and instead looked patchy and muddy. You can see how blending out “Eyes Meeting” near the top of my outer eye caused it to start to come off, taking the shadow underneath with it😖. I get that different colours have different formulas, but the difference in quality between this palette and “Rose Gold Ornament” is a bit much.

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

Using Tiny Twinkle Mini Two Match “OR204” as blush & Tiny Twinkle Matte Chic Lip “PK005” on my lips

Hm…I’m not really sure how I feel. Etude House has been releasing shadow after shadow, palette after palette, and they’re all starting to look exactly the same. If you bought the recently #Caffeine Holic palette, or anything from the Nuts & Fruits collection, you basically already own “Rose Gold Ornament”. As for “Silver Crystal Ornament”, I find it to be a poor palette both in colour selection and quality. The packaging is hands down the most interesting thing about this collection of palettes, but other than that they’re a pass for me.

At 20,500 KRW for only 1g x 9 you’re better off buying dupes for the shades you like in Etude House singles, and I’m sure you’ll find them! If you’re into these kinds of shades and don’t own anything like them, they’re still compact, accessible palettes with a decent tone range all in one place. Plus they come with a mirror making them great for makeup on the go! Having said that, I can’t see myself using these, and will likely be regifting them.

And that’s it for today’s post! It’s sad when products end up being duds, but I always find these kinds of posts still useful when making my purchases! Until next time~ Happy Holidays! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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