Etude House Holiday 2018 Tiny Twinkle Collection Part 1 – Ornaments

Is it possible? I’m actually on time for a Pink Bird post for once?! Because I have to get my stuff shipped from Korea to Canada (and EMS would cost me an arm and a half) I’m always forced to turn in the posts late (which is why they end up accumulating and I do 1 million Etude House posts in a row 😂). Having said that, let’s get into today’s post! This one is about 3 of the ornaments from the 2018 Tiny Twinkle holiday collection – the Mini Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Ornament, the Mini Two Match Ornament, and the Mini Mirror Holic Ornament.

The Tiny Twinkle collection consists of 3 ornaments containing a variety of products, 3 palettes, liquid highlighters, and handcream.

When I received this in the mail I was shocked at how big they are – the lipstick ones barely fit in my hand😂. I only have a little tree at my house, and tried hanging them on it but they kept toppling it over! Despite that, the whole concept behind these is REALLY cute!

☆ Mini Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Ornament ☆

The Matte Chic Lip Lacquers came in a half copper coloured, half baby pink ornament. I already reviewed this line extensively in a previous post, so I won’t talk too much about the formula!

Inside you’ll find 3 itty bitty cute little lipsticks nestled in the packaging!

The packaging has a cute little star on it to reflect the limited edition, “holiday” aspect of the collection.

Some information included inside the ornament

As the paper states, inside are RD303 – IRENE Red, BR402 – Thank You Berry Brown, and PK005 – Icing Cream Pink. You’ll notice with all 3 ornaments that the collection highlights one or two popular products that already exist in the full lines, and one or two limited edition colours only available in this collection.

In the case of this ornament, RD303 is the returning colour, with BR402 and PK005 being completely new.

RD303, BR402, PK005 wet (above) versus dry (below)

As you will know if you’re familiar with this line, these go on wet and dry completely matte. They’re a thin, watery formula (but still very opaque and not streaky!) that feels very soft and powdery on the lips. Hands down one of my fave liquid lipstick formulas! The colours in this ornament seem to be pretty geared towards a more cool undertone.

This is RD303 – IRENE Red (워아이린 레드), a blue-based true red. This is THE quintessential holiday red!

BR402 – Thank You Very Brown (땡큐 베리 브라운) is my kind of colour! A very trendy dusty rose/mauve pink. I live and die for colours like this😍. The name is also super cute hehe.

PK005 – Icing Cream Pink (아이싱 크림 핑크) is another colour right up my alley! When sheered out this one gives me a bit of an MLBB vibe, and is slightly lighter and more pink than the previous colour despite looking pretty similar.

I kind of wish they had included something a little more diverse for the 3rd colour in the set, although I really love all 3 that came with this and find they are really flattering on my skintone.

You receive 2g x 3 for 15,000 KRW at full price, compared to 12,000 KRW for 4g in each lipstick for the full size. If you’re a fan of this formula and don’t already own Irene Red, this is a great purchase!

☆ Mini Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Ornament ☆

The Mini Two Match ornament is a gorgeous cherry red colour!

Inside it comes with 3 Mini Two Match lipsticks with limited edition cases, as well as a limited edition gold magnet center piece and gold lid!

You can choose to leave the original lids on the lipsticks, or swap out one of them for the gold lid. I find it kind of strange that they only include one gold lid, and thought there might be another set of 3 lipsticks in a different ornament so you could get another lid, but nope! This totally throws off the packaging for me, and I find it looks a bit uneven with just the one lid😫.

I also find the orangey tones of the lipstick cases clash with the gold, but on their own the gold pieces are super pretty! Just not sure how I would mix and match them so that they match nicely🤔.


Inside the ornament you receive RD302 – Maple Road (returning colour), OR204 – Secret Gift (LE), and BE102 – Chimney Dust (LE).

BE102 – Chimney Dust, RD302 – Maple Road, OR204 – Secret Gift

While the matte lipsticks seemed to gear to cooltoned skin, this colour palette seems more suited for warmtones! In this photo I swatched BE102 alone, and then swiped it on the bottom half of the other two lipsticks to show how they’d look layered.

I also reviewed this line previously, and on the right you can see the swatch of RD302 – Maple Road (단풍로드)  from that post. It’s an orangey red that isn’t too orange that cooltones like myself can’t wear it, but it’s not my favourite shade to wear personally.

This is the other reddish lipstick that came in the set, OR204 – Secret Gift (비밀선물). Despite being labeled with an “OR” tag (for orange) versus the RD (red) of Maple Road, this colour comes off a lot more red to me than orange. It’s still very warmtoned however, and opaque with a gorgeous velvety finish.

BE102 – Chimney Dust! I wouldn’t wear this colour on its own as it’s VERY metallic, but it’s a really neat look!

It glows with such a pretty, strong copper undertone with a multitude of firey glitter glowing throughout. I feel like this would make for a really gorgeous topper on a grungey, high-fashion style smudgy eye look.

Here I patted it on top of the matte liquid lipstick in “PK005” to add a subtle warm glow!

As for my thoughts on the set as a whole – once again I feel like there’s one stand-out colour, and then two colours that are very similar to each other. I would have preferred if one of the orangey reds was maybe a coral or a pink for more diversity!

These are 17,400 KRW for 2.4g x 3, compared to 5,800 for 2.4g for the lipsticks, and 2,000 KRW for the case in the original collection.

☆ Mini Mirror Holic Ornament ☆

While the other 2 ornaments were quite large, this one is more of a standard ornament size! It’s a shiny, metallic gold.

Inside you’ll find 3 of the most adorable little bottles ever😂.

BE102 – Starlight Sparkler, PP502 – Snowflake on My Eyes, and PK003 – Rose Gold Orgel

On the packaging you’ll see the limited edition star detailing, as well as chrome lids that match each colour. Super pretty😍.

BE102 – Starlight Sparkler, PP502 – Snowflake on My Eyes, and PK003 – Rose Gold Orgel in indirect light vs direct

I find the Mirror Holic formula (reviewed here) to be a little hit or miss, not because they have fallout or are crusty or anything, but because the pigmentation is a little inconsistent. I find these go best on top of other shadows to add extra shine (and boy, do they shine!) instead of on their own as they look a bit unflattering in indirect lighting when packed on. Having said that, when applied on their own lightly on your tear line or inner eye corner (or as I suggested earlier) they look GORGEOUS!

I actually don’t know the price of these as they have mysteriously disappeared from both the Korean and International Etude House website🤔. I wonder if they’ve been recalled? I found no problems with them when wearing them throughout the week, and this formula is pretty popular so I wonder why! Either way, there’s 2g x 3 of product in this set, versus 10,000 KRW for 3.2g in the full-sized ones. Also keep in mind that this set has not one but two already existing colours (BE102/PK003), so it might not be worth it to you if you’re just buying it for the one LE colour.

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

I love the amount of effort that went into the packaging for this collection! The gold accents, stars, and sparkles are all a nice touch. I think the colour selection also felt pretty “holiday-esque” to me, although I would have liked to have seen a pure gold glitter in the Mirror Holic line over the brown (despite BE102 being the 2nd colour I use the most often out of the Mirror Holic I own).

I also wish there was more diversity in the colour selections of the two lipstick sets. Other than that, I have nothing to complain about the formulas and think the ornament packaging would make these super cute to secretly hang from the tree as a surprise gift! They’d also make great stocking stuffers (although you’d need a pretty big stocking to fit the lipstick ones as they’re pretty big😅.

What do you think? Did you pick up anything from any holiday collections this year? The only other one I leapt on was the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick collection – the glitter in those is to DIE for😍. I’ll have part 2 of this post up tomorrow, where I’ll be talking about 2 of the 3 eyeshadow palettes and doing some looks with the complete collection! Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and until then~ (▰∀◕)ノ


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