Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Bad Rose Mini Kit #BlackRose #NightRose Review & Swatches

Today’s post is about a product by Etude House I wasn’t even aware was released until I received it – the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Bad Rose Mini Kit! I received both #Black Rose & #Night Rose for review as part of the Pink Bird review program, so if you’re curious about how these look and perform let’s get into it!

The Bad Rose Mini Kit comes in 3 varieties, (from left to right) #Vampire Rose, #Black Rose, and #Night Rose. These are all supposedly done with the same formulation as the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks (reviewed previously here), and come in both “cream” and “chiffon” finishes.

☆ #Black Rose ☆

First let’s take a look at the #Black Rose kit. All the kits come in a small rectangular box with a unique design on it.

The #Black Rose kit comes with 4 cream-finish lipsticks. The sporadic capitalization of the English is throwing me off a bit, but anyway😅.

As you can see, it comes with an orange, a red, a pink (labeled as a beige), and a purple. Each lipstick is nestled in a simple cardboard insert in the order they’re listed on the back of the box.

The size of the lipsticks is pretty small, and they fit easily in your pocket!

The most brilliant aspect of these lipsticks is the little lips print on them! It looks so hilariously uncanny to me, but unfortunately the design rubs off after just a few uses. The bullet is in a diagonally-cut circular shape, which doesn’t allow for precision so I recommend swiping them on on the center of your lips and using a lip brush to define the edges. This shape works perfectly fine for a gradient lip, however!


OR201 – Careless Rose (translated literally from “무심한 장미 한 송이” as “The Indifferent Single Rose”) is a red lipstick with an orange undertone. Not too orange to where cool-tones should avoid it, but definitely more suited for olive/warmer skintones. It’s nowhere nearly as orange as Etude House’s website shows, and definitely leans a lot more towards being a red lipstick.


RD303 – Rose With Thorn (“가시 돋은 장미” – “A Rose With Thorns”) is a red lipstick with a pink undertone! Not much to say here, as it’s basically your average cool-toned cream red.


BE101 – Fragrant Rose Tea (“향긋한 로즈 티”) is a deep pink lipstick, not a brownish red like the website shows. They call it a “pink-tinted brown” on the website but I see nothing brown about this, and on my skin it’s a true pink🤷. Very gorgeous nonetheless!


And last but not least, the colour I was the most excited about in the two kits – PP502 – Black Rose’s Wish (“흑장미의 소원”)! This is the single darkest lipstick I think I’ve ever seen come out of Etude House in the 7-ish years I’ve been a fan of them😂. It looks a bit brighter here because of my lights, but when packed on at full opacity this is a DARK plum red. I love it! It’s a bit streaky, however, but nothing noticeable in normal lighting. I feel like due to the nature of dark colours and how they tend to be streaky, this one should have been done in the chiffon formula for optimal smoothness, not in the cream formula which has a tendency to slide around a bit more. I like to use this to deepen the inner part of my mouth as a gradient when using the other colours!

☆ #Night Rose ☆

The #Night Rose kit comes with a design based on neon signs!

Thinking about it, I appreciate that the packaging is all paper and thus completely recyclable, since the only important part of these is the lipsticks, so it would be a waste to have them encased in a plastic/non-recyclable material case!

This kit doesn’t have a super dark colour like #Black Rose, and also comes in all chiffon finishes.

RD302 – Rose of Ten Million (“천만 송이 장미” – “Ten Million Roses”) is a pink-toned bright red. It’s pretty much identical to RD302 in the #Black Rose kit, just in a more matte formula.


OR203 – Our Anniversary (“우리의 기념일”) is another non-orange orange. The website paints it as a coral, but on my lips it’s a standard warm pink. It comes off almost neon😍.


PK002 – Queen of the Center (“센터의 여왕”) is a gorgeous bright pink, and is another one of my faves from the two kits! The name is probably referring to the audition show “Produce 101” that’s been really popular in Korea for the past 2(?) years, where one of the contestants is the “center” of the performance (as in, they stand out and thus are the “main” performer). The name totally suits the colour as it really stands out from the rest!


BE102 – Finely Dried Rose (“곱게 말린 장미” – “Beautifully Dried Rose”) is a deep, blue-based red. A gorgeous colour, but I kind of wish it looked more like the swatch on the website😯.

☆ Comparison ☆

#Black Rose VS #Night Rose

The dark colour in #Black Rose makes it look like that kit has a wider range of colour, but neither have THAT much discrepancy between each colour. All are very bold and bright.

They look so satisfying all together like this😂. As for the formula, I prefer the feel of the chiffon ones as they go on like butter – pigmented and smooth – and leave your lips looking and feeling smooth and like velvet. They’re not overly drying, and last a long time. Both formulas seem to leave a slight stain on your lips which is nice in regards to wear time. The cream formula is also very comfortable and pigmented, but transfers more and lasts less time than the chiffon formula.

You would think the formula would be identical to the original Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks since they have the same name, but the chiffon formula at least is SO MUCH BETTER (and that’s coming from someone who loved the original formula) – seriously, they glide over your lips in the most satisfying way ever😭.

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

At 16,000 KRW for 4 lipsticks (albeit with a small amount of product – 1.4g each) this is a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, or a great way to try out a nice range of colours/formulas before investing in a full sized product! I do wish that these all came like #Vampire Rose, 2 chiffon and 2 cream, instead of being a set of all cream or all chiffon. That way you can get a bigger variety of formulas to try out, and you’re not locked into having to buy certain colours just to get the lipsticks in the formula you want. Personally I am in love with the chiffon formula over the cream one, especially because it better suits the “blurred lip line” look I prefer to wear.

Which of the two kits that I reviewed do you prefer? PK001 in the #Vampire Rose kit is calling my name, although this post has proven once again that Etude House’s swatches sadly cannot be trusted😪.

And that’s it for today’s post! I have 2 more of this month’s Pink Bird post, but the next box is being sent to me tomorrow so I’m running around trying to get everything done so I can post something non-Etude House for once lest you guys get bored😭. Personally they’re still my favourite K-Beauty brand so I’m enjoying writing these regardless, but I understand if you would like to see something else! Please feel free to let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’re interested in reading, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind when preparing future posts. On that note – until next time~! (人◕ω◕)

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