Etude House Play 101 Setting Powder 01, 02, 05, 06 Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! I have another slew of Etude House Pink Bird posts for you – I should probably change my name to “Jasmineitor & Etude House” at this point 😂. I’m waiting for the end of the year sales so I can mass buy everything I have on my previous no-buy list hehe. Anyway, today’s post is on Etude House’s latest expansion to the “Play 101” line – the Play 101 Setting Powders! I received 01, 02, 05, and 06 for review. Let’s get into it!

Etude House’s “Play 101” line has been one of my favourite lines of theirs for ages now – hosting a wide number of base products ranging from foundation, blush, and contour sticks to a multitude of eyeliners in a wide range of sizes and colours – and more!

The most recent addition to this line is a collection of 6 setting powders, all with different functions to suit your daily makeup needs. The two I didn’t receive, Mint and Salmon, are for covering up redness and for correcting dark circles, respectively.

I received 01 Strawberry, 02 Banana, 05 Translucent, and 06 Apricot. These powders are meant to be an easy to use, on-the-go type of product where the powder is dispensed into the brush and you can easily swipe it onto your face.

Instructions are listed on the back of the box, which I’ll explain in further detail below. I like the detail of each instruction drawing having its designated colour on it!

Here’s what they look like! I must say – this packaging is AMAZING. It looks and feels so sturdy and is just really visually appealing to look at. At the top is the brush, and at the bottom you have the powder. Beware of that little cap at the very bottom – I didn’t realize it would open the whole container and almost dumped the whole product all over my lap!

Here’s a video from Etude House’s youtube channel detailing how to use this product. It’s a bit abstract to explain, so I figured this might help 😅.

As per the instructions, the middle section is the part you turn to release the powder into the brush section.

You then pop the lid off of this brush, which is protected by a sheath.

You pull the plastic protector down, and the brush pops out.

Once you have the brush out, you’re supposed to tap the brush 5 – 6 times and swirl it around on your hand to get the powder to the top of the brush, and then use it on your face…in theory.

It took me forever to figure out, but I find that the only real way to get enough powder out is to REALLY press the brush on your hand to where all the bristles are spread out in a circular shape, with the middle of the brush (where the powder comes out) exposed. Basically if you’re cringing and feeling like you’re damaging the brush then you’re doing it right😂.

☆ Swatches ☆

01 Strawberry, 02 Banana, 05 Translucent, 06 Apricot

For these swatches I unscrewed the bottom of the container, dabbed my finger in the powder, and rubbed each swatch on my arm. These are meant to be very subtle and so swatching them doesn’t really give the best impression of what they can do, but you can tell the formula difference of the “Translucent” powder especially well here! It’s meant to have a blurring effect, acting like an “HD powder”.

☆ Strawberry ☆

Strawberry is meant to blur your skin and brighten your skin. In my case, I found the colour too strong to really work anywhere other than as a setting powder for my cheeks as a subtle blush. I’m honestly not really sure what skin tone a pink setting powder would work for🤔. I used it on my under eyes here thinking it might work something like a salmon-coloured powder, but it ended up just making them look pink and irritated, oops😂.

☆ Banana ☆

Banana is meant to even out your skintone, and from what I understand is a powder colour quite commonly used by those of medium-deeper complexions. This powder sets my tinted sunscreen (I haven’t been wearing foundation lately) quite naturally without accentuating my dry patches as you can see above! I’m quite impressed with it, because my nose is my most problematic area when it comes to setting powders. It’s still a bit dark for me, but formula-wise I like this one a lot!

☆ Translucent ☆

Here you can see my cheek before applying any setting powder on it. My sunscreen gives me a bit of a glow, which I normally leave and just set my nose/under eyes, but for the sake of the review I set my cheeks!

This powder is meant to act like a blotting powder, blurring your skin and soaking up oil.

Here’s my cheek after applying the powder. It’s a biiit hard to tell, but you can see that part of my cheek was mattified with the application of the powder. The reason it’s hard to tell is because I found that the translucent powder is the hardest to use due to its formula. It’s such a fine, soft powder that it doesn’t seem to come out of the brush very well, and so application tends to be a bit patchy and not that noticeable. Getting the powder out of the bottom of the jar and using your own brush works best, but that defeats the purpose of buying this whole device😐. If you’re going to go through that much trouble you’d be better off buying the Fix and Fix Fixer powder (reviewed here) also from Etude House. Not a bad formula by any means, but I just don’t find it works well in this format.

This is how my nose looked at the end of the day after setting it with the translucent powder in the morning. My nose didn’t get excessively oily, which could have also been my regular skincare, but either way it didn’t cake up and faded really naturally which was nice!

☆ Apricot ☆

Apricot is basically just a highlighter! It has a powdery, white cast to it with multicoloured microglitters scattered throughout it.

When looking at it from far away it gives a nice sheen, but the glitter is still rather visible.

As for the application with the built-in brush…well🤷‍♀️. The brush is too big to give a concentrated, pigmented effect, and it spreads a bit too much over my face. This would be fine if it was a natural sheen for an overall face glow, but the microglitter makes it look like a poorly applied highlight with glitter fallout all over my face😭. I tried opening the bottom and using it with a different brush, but it’s too powdery to where it just sits on my cheeks in a really unappealing way. As you can see in the photo, it’s barely there! This would have been a great overall body highlight, but the application is too finnicky, and including microglitter in it was probably not the best idea. I’d pass on this one too.

☆ Final Thoughts ☆

I’m honestly not a big fan of these! The application is patchy, and while the brush is soft it just doesn’t apply the product well due to how difficult it is to get the powder up into the top of it. It’s such a shame because it’s a good idea in theory, but I end up just rubbing all of my concealer and face coverage off while trying to get the powder to adhere to my face. Doing that also gets a lot of little fuzzes stuck to my face as you could see in the close-up photos :(. The packaging is also amazing quality and I love the look of it, but it’s just a dud of a product for me.

Have you tried these, or do you plan to? I personally prefer Etude House’s setting powders that come with a puff over these, so if you’re still looking for an affordable one I’d go with the famous Zero Sebum powder, or the Fix and Fix one I mentioned earlier!

And that’s it for this post! December is already here, and I hope you guys are enjoying the weather wherever you may be😍. Until next time~ ໒(◕ヮ◕)〜⊹

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