Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation & Brush Review & Wear Test

Hello there! Ever since leaving humid S.Korea for a dry city (it’s actually classified as a desert!) I’ve struggled with base makeup products because of how dehydrated and dry my skin has become. I wasn’t a fan of the original Double Lasting Foundation formula, but this new formula claims to increase y0ur skin’s moisture by up to 61%, so needless to say I was excited to try it out!

The Double Lasting “Serum” Foundation is the latest addition to Etude House’s base product line. If you’re already a fan of K-Beauty products you probably know how Koreans love a dewy, natural look over the more full-coverage finish that is common in “Western” makeup. This product claims to give a “24-hour glow” using their “Double Glow Technology” (trademarked apparently!), as well as offering a high level of hydration, all while providing a light, thin formula with optimal coverage.

The packaging itself is a weighty glass with a classy rose lid and detailing. The brush that I will be talking about later also comes with the same finish. Both feel very sturdy and high quality!

Side-note but I’m wondering if the previous English translator at Etude House no longer works with them? The translations have been a little inaccurate lately🤔, but no biggie!

The foundation offers SPF25 PA++, but sunscreen is 100% recommended underneath it.

The foundation is dispensed with an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean pump top. It’s nice and easy to measure how hard you press it to control how much product is dispensed.

The Double Lasting “Glow Master” Brush is strangely no longer available on the Korean Etude House website, but I see it on the global one so I’m going to talk about it anyway!

This brush comes with a sleeve which I’ve already gotten rid of because I don’t find it entirely necessary as the bristles are short enough that they won’t dry funny upon cleaning the brush.

Like all Etude House brushes, this one is stamped with their logo. The handle feels sturdy and has a powder finish.

As I mentioned above, the ferrule is rose gold!

As for the bristles……..they’re really not soft at all😓. It’s quite a prickly brush, and the hairs feel cheap.

After using this brush I can see why they removed it from the Korean website – it’s terrible! It lifts all of my dry skin flakes, leaving any product looking dry and clingy. It leaves brush stroke lines on your face no matter how much you try to blend with it, and just spreads the product all over your face streakily, lifting up quite a bit of it as you try to blend. I don’t know how much this is in KRW, but it’s listed as being $18.00 USD on the global website – OUTRAGEOUS considering how low quality it is. This is flat-out one of the worst brushes I’ve used from Etude House, and I don’t know how it got past product testing! 😓 Do not recommend.

Now back to the foundation! It comes in 12 very-similar looking shades (it looks more like 3 or 4 different shades to me), and you can see a chart of how each colour matches what undertone through the link in the caption of the above photo.

I received the shades Neutral Vanilla, Beige, and Tan. As you can see, the formula is quite thin and watery.

First up, some photos of my skin before application…



I had a really angry pimple when I took these photos (probably from all of the cold weather nose rubbing), so let’s see if the foundation was able to cover it…


As regular followers of my blog will know, I suffer from keratosis pelaris and hence have redness on my jaw area.


Like I said, my skin has been super angry since I left Korea 😭 (albeit a lot of it is my fault since I tend to pick at my skin/nails/hair when stressed).


1 layer applied with brush

I applied this with the brush and tapped the streaks away with my finger, which didn’t produce the best result.  While this is a lot better than what N. American foundations do for me, using the brush lifted up all of my dry patches and caused my nose to look like this.

1 layer applied with Etude House beauty blender

Another day I tried the foundation with a damp beauty sponge instead of the brush. It applies A LOT better with a sponge, so if you have dry skin that’s less crusty than mine, I feel like this foundation will basically look flawless on it (as you can still see some slight dry spots on the tip of my nose).

1 layer applied with brush

Despite being so light and watery, the foundation did a great job at covering my redness! It made my skin look even and bright.

1 layer applied with brush

It did an okay job covering my forehead, but once again the brush caused my dry patches to be accentuated.

As for the wear test, I wore it from when I left my house to go to work until I got back home (around 8:00am to 6:00pm). How did it perform?

Wear Test

After 10 hours

You can see it’s faded a little bit, but still offers a bit of coverage. It has bunched up a bit and looks rather dry around my nostrils and on my cheeks.

After 10 hours

You can see how it clung to my dry patches throughout the day, which is weird considering it’s meant to be a hydrating foundation. The coverage isn’t completely there, but it still provides light coverage after the 10 hours.

After 10 hours

Here you can really see the dryness!

After 10 hours

Again, dry, but also mostly faded on my chin.

Final Thoughts

Personally I find this foundation looks better on my skin than any Western foundation I’ve tried lately, and I think that any issues I have with it upon application are probably because of how dehydrated my skin is (as I love how my skin looks when applying it with a beauty sponge). Having said that, I don’t necessarily think this is any more long-lasting than any other foundation I’ve tried, so I don’t really agree with the name. Also for a hydrating “serum” foundation I was hoping it would fade a little nicer and not cling to my dry patches.

It still doesn’t beat my fave Luna cushion in formula, but it’s still a good product in my opinion! It would work best on combination/dry skin – I think it’s probably a little too hydrating for oily skin, despite the dry patches issue. 18,000 KRW for 30g!

As for the brush – I’m going to have to say never buy this thing ever😫. I honestly don’t even know what they were thinking, especially with the great brushes they’ve released lately (like the blush brush in the Colorful Drawing collection).

And that’s it for my review! If you want to check out the foundation on Etude House’s Korean website, click here. I won’t link the brush for obvious reasons😂. Have you tried this foundation? How about the original formula? I have one more October (yes, I’m very late) Pink Bird review to do, and then 3 more for November🤯. They’re trying a new thing where instead of 1 review we do 3 in a month, which has been incredibly hectic and has made it hard for me to put out non-Etude House content because of how long it takes to do each of my blog posts😭. I have a bunch of different non-EH things I want to review though, so I’m going to do my best to get those up in between! Thanks for reading❤️. Until next time~ (#´∞`)∫


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