Etude House Nuts & Fruits Collection – Shadows & Lipstick Reviews & Swatches

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile but I’m still around. I got a full time job last month and so it’s been a huge transitional period for me, learning how to keep up with my Instagram posts while fitting in K-Beauty reviews. But because of that I now have the ability to buy new products (I accumulated a huge list while on my no-buy😂), so look forward to those! Anyway, today I’ll be talking about Etude House’s Nuts & Fruits collection, including eyeshadows “BR422”, “BR428”, “BE114”, “BR415”, and Mini Two Match lipsticks in “Hazelnut”, “Jujube”, “Almond”, “Peanuts”, and “Walnuts”.

The Nuts & Fruits collection came right in time for Fall, when people are in the mood for rusty reds and leafy browns to match the changing season. Introduced in this collection were 10 Look At My Eyes shadows and 8 Mini Two Match lipsticks (one of which is a glitter/gloss topper).

Look At My Eyes Shadows

I received 4 of the shadows – Look At My Eyes Jewel “BR422 Sprinkle Cacao Nibs”, “BR428 Hazelnut Syrup”, “BE114 Salted Macadamia”, and Look At My Eyes Cafe “BR415 Roasted Almonds”.

The shadows in this collection come in 3 textures – matte, shimmer, and glitter.

This is BR415 – Roasted Almond (꼬숩게 구운 아몬드 – “Aromatically Roasted Almonds”), the only matte of the 4. Described as a “soft brown with a slight reddish hue, like almonds roasted in a frying pan”, this is basically exactly that – a soft reddish brown! This is my favourite shade of the ones I received, as it’s the ultimate rusty, fall shade 😍. It goes on pigmented, and blends out easily.

Next up is BR422 – Sprinkle Cacao Nibs (뿌려 먹는 카카오닙스 – “Sprinkled Cacao Nibs”). This one is described as a “red-brown shimmer pearl shade with pink and gold particles”. I was really looking forward to this one because of how gorgeous it looks in the pan, but it ended up being one of those disappointing shades that has a kind of pseudo-matte/shimmer base with flakes of glitter that barely adhere themselves to your skin. You’ll see what I mean in the swatches below!

This is BR428 – Hazelnut Syrup (시럽이 된 헤이즐넛 – “Hazelnuts Turned Into Syrup”), and is described on the website as “a rich, warm gold-brown with gold and silver pearls shining in it like sugar”…and that’s basically what it is. The “pearls” it’s talking about are pretty subtle, so it basically just looks like your regular gold-brown shimmer shade. Very pretty and pigmented!

Last but not least is BE114 – Salted Macadamia (마구 먹는 마카다미아 – “Macadamia Nuts You Stuff Your Face With”…basically😂), another shimmer shade. Described as an “apricot-toned macadamia glitter with pink and silver glitters shining throughout it”, this shade is a lot lighter than it looks in the pan, coming off as more of a beige-y/champagne colour than a brown. It’s light enough that it could totally be used as a highlight shade on deeper skin tones, and is a buttery shadow with great pigmentation!

Look At My Eyes Swatches

BE114, BR415, BR422, BR428

As you can see above, all of the shadows perform well except for BR422 (the third shade from the left). I feel like it would need a sticky base for the glitter to truly come out, but as shadows with more matte bases don’t perform well on sticky bases, I feel like it’d end up looking like a mess regardless. The only way I’ve gotten it to work is by applying it to a black cream base (like the NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Black Bean”), where it comes off as the gorgeous coppery glitter shade I wanted it to be in the first place. Unfortunately if you don’t like a super dark smokey eye then this won’t work for you on any level, and thus I recommend passing on it either way.

The rest of the shades, however, perform perfectly! I prefer applying BE114/BR428 with my finger to bring out their full potential, but they go on fine with a brush too. They blend into each other nicely, and are very buttery and blendable.

Above is a look I created with all 4 of the shadows, using the Mini Two Match lipstick “RD305” (reviewed below) as a base (which worked out surprisingly well!).

Here’s another look I did! I used all 4 again for this, with an Espoir glitter pigment in the center. This look really brings out the true warmth of the shadows, and you can see how packing them on makes the look a lot deeper than the previous one!

Up-close you can really see how well the shadows blend! You can check out the full list of products used on my Instagram.

Mini Two Match Lipsticks

As I mentioned above, this collection also launched 8 new colours in the Mini Two Match line of lipsticks (I reviewed the original launch of the Mini Two Match lipsticks here). I received 5 of these, and almost died when opening them because (spoiler alert) the colours are SO. GOOD.

As you might have heard from my previous review of this formula, I’m a huge fan, so was really looking forward to trying these!

The metallic nut box design for these is SUPER cute😭.

Shape-wise they have the same square/straight bullet that we saw in the original launch. This isn’t my favourite shape, but I always blur out my lip line with a brush anyway so it’s not a big deal for me either way.

These are also the same size as the original launch, with the only biggest difference being that the whole lid matches the colour of the lipstick, instead of just the bullet/bottom part matching like the original launch. I love how these look on their own, but I’m not a huge fan of how they look once snapped into the middle component. I kind of wish they had released matching components for this collection too, maybe with the same pattern that the box has!

Mini Two Match Swatches

First up is BR404 – Crunch Almond (오독오독 아몬드 – Crunchy Almonds). This colour is recommended on Etude House’s website for “Fall Warmtones”, but I find it still looks fine on my skintone (Winter Cool). This is one of the finishes that’s a bit creamier and not as matte as the majority of Mini Two Match lipsticks tend to be. It’s a warmtoned deep orange!

Next up is BR405 – Smiling Walnut (하하 호호 호두 – “Haha Hoho Walnut” since the Korean word for “walnut” is 호두/hodu, it ends up sounding like “Haha Hoho Hodu” – a pretty cute name!), also recommended for “Fall Warmtones”. THIS COLOUR IS BRILLIANT! I own a million lipsticks and yet I own nothing like this in my collection. It’s a rusty reddish brown, the colour of dried blood (sorry if that’s gross😂). It’s not patchy, goes on pigmented, and is super unique!

BR406 – Hey Hazelnuts (헤이 헤이즐넛 – Hey Hazelnut) is recommended for neutral skintones. Another unique shade with a gorgeous undertone, this one has little microglitters in it that give it a lovely sheen (but as you can see in the photo, don’t come up off as glitter). Not too cool, not too warm, I can see why they classify this one a neutral tone.

RD305 – Dried Jujube (대충말린 대추말랭이 – Roughly Dried Dried Jujube) is another one recommended for Fall Warmtoned skin, but I find this one to be rather neutral in tone since it doesn’t look off on my cooltoned skin at all as warmtoned lipsticks tend to. Following along with the theme of this collection, this is yet another one with a unique undertone that sets it apart from your standard red lipstick. It gives off a more muted, rich, “Autumn” feeling to it!

PK008 – Smoky Peanut (달달볶은 땅콩껍질 – Thoroughly Roasted Peanut Shells) is the only cool-toned lipstick I received, and lucky for me Etude House recommends it for my exact skintone – Winter-Cool! On my lips this is almost like a darker, cooler version of BR406, so if you’re cool toned I’d recommend this one over the other although they’re quite different (as you’ll see in the comparison shots below) that if you purchased both you won’t be disappointed!

BR404, BR405, BR406, RD305, PK008

The vertical swatches are the 5 lipsticks from the Nuts & Fruits collection from left to right as listed in the caption, and the horizontal swatches are from the original Mini Two Match line. All swatches were done with one swipe! As you can see, BR402 almost dupes PK008 (it’s sliiiightly lighter and less brown), and BR401 is also a less intense version of RD305. If you own either of those already, it might be a good idea to skip on PK008 and RD305 as they run very similar once actually applied on your lips.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love how creamy and pigmented the Mini Two Match formula is, so if these colours appeal to you I totally recommend picking one up! There are also a few other ones on Etude House’s website that I didn’t receive, so they’re worth checking out too if the reviewed colours aren’t for you. 5,800 KRW each for 2.4g of product!

As for the Look At My Eyes shadow – meh. I don’t find the colours particularly interesting (besides the matte one), and don’t find them to be anything revolutionary or new from Etude House colour-wise either. The formula on the shimmers is on point as always, so if you like the colours you won’t regret your purchase, but the glittery one is a hard pass for me. They’re 3,500 KRW for 2g of product.

I have two more Pink Bird posts coming, and the next mission has already come out so as you can see I’m really struggling to balance my work and blog life😭. Working a 9-5 is still very new for me, so I’m still getting used to everything – hopefully will get on top of things soon! Like I mentioned in the intro, I have a huge list of “wants” that I put together during my no-buy that I’ve been slowly purchasing, so once those arrive later this month I’ll have non-Etude House, non-Pink Bird reviews for you guys! Thanks for your patience, and thank you as always for reading my blog! ❤️ Until next time~ ( * ́꒳`*)੭



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