Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact 5 Color Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! I haven’t made any new K-Beauty purchases lately, so unfortunately haven’t been able to get anything new to review for you guys. Having said that, I still want to share products that I love with you, and so I decided to do a full review on the Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pacts that I’ve mentioned briefly in previous posts. I will be swatching and reviewing 2 Candle Light, 5 Sugar Light, 6 Wood Light, 9 Moon Light, and 10 Twilight!

Beauty People used to be an online-exclusive brand until they began selling a small selection of product at the South Korea-based fashion retailer Åland. Despite being a lesser-known brand, they’re available on various K-Beauty sellers like YESSTYLE and Jolse (non-spon, non-affiliate links).

These come in 10 different colours, of which I own 5. On the back you can see the names of each colour in English and Korean, with a corresponding colour label.

The packaging is otherwise very simple, with a screw off top and lid with a pull tab to keep the product compacted.

The product is so extremely pigmented that you end up not having to dip into the actual pot, and instead can scrape the product off the lid.

I’ve had these for around 2 years now so there’s been some drying and cracking, but I haven’t found it’s affected the formula at all! Beauty People claim that these have no fall out, don’t smudge or crease, and aren’t messy.

For the swatches I swatched it once on my bare arm, and then again over a black cream pencil. As you can see above, the formula is quite chunky, unlike most glitter pots that have small micro glitter in them on top of the pearl pigment. I won’t be speaking much on individual differences in formula between shades, as I find the formula to be quite consistent between all colours!

.。゚☆ #2 Candle Light ☆゚。.

This one almost looks like the bark on a tree when viewed from this close!

Used on its own its a very warm, coppery brown, but on top of black it becomes more cool-toned looking, and the silver flecks are enhanced.

.。゚☆ #5 Sugar Light ☆゚。.

Despite looking like it has a cream-coloured base, this one is a pure white shimmer!

This is one of the few I own that doesn’t have a shift in it, and is purely one colour. It’s a brilliant white shimmer that works great as an inner corner highlight!

.。゚☆ #6 Wood Light ☆゚。.

Wood Light has quite a few different colours of glitter in it compared to the other colours!

This one has an interesting green undertone to it that comes to light when applied over a black base. It’s almost Halloween-esque with the green and orange glitter! From far away it looks like a cool-toned, greyish brown.

.。゚☆ #9 Moon Light ☆゚。.

Moon Light has a lot of different coloured glitter in it.

Like Wood Light, it has quite a strong green undertone that comes out when applied on a black base. The purple flecks are what really make this one appealing to me over the other 2 browns. They add a unique twist to what is otherwise a basic brown glimmer shade!

.。゚☆ #10 Twilight ☆゚。.

This is by far the most different of all 10 shades!

Twilight is basically a gunmetal base with an explosion of multicoloured glitter! It looks basically the same when applied to a black base, if just a little bit darker.

.。゚☆ My Look ☆゚。.

Using Moon & Sugar Light

The company claims that these go on evenly without patchiness, but I find that without a glitter base or another eyeshadow as a base, you do tend to see your skin poking through. They claim they don’t crease, but I find they do after a few hours. Having said that, with primer creasing is very minimal, and the pigments are so shimmery you can’t really see the creasing anyway.

They also claimed to not have fallout, but I find that isn’t the case. They get everywhere😂. My recommendation is you use a very sticky eyeshadow/glitter base to prevent creasing and fallout.

.。゚☆ Final Thoughts ☆゚。.

I absolutely love these! Despite being a little messy, they are the single most glittery thing I own! They go on top of other eyeshadows so gorgeously (they look amazing as the center point of a halo eye!), and are very affordable (15,000KRW for 1.8g) because they’re always on sale. I got mine at 3 for the price of 1, so it was a super great deal! You also barely need any product to get incredible results, so they’ll last forever. If you want to check the other colours out, you can see them on the Beauty People website here.

Have you ever tried any Beauty People products? These are the only ones I’ve tried, but their packaging is quite eye-catching! I’m going to attempt to review my Pinkage fake fringe for my next post, so look forward to that! Until then~ (* ゚∀゚)ノシ



  • Shirin September 11, 2018 at 12:38 am

    I love your close-up shots!! Your pics are stunning. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Twilight because it’s so bold and unique. I’m a sucker for multicolor glitters.

  • Christina December 14, 2018 at 8:50 am

    These pictures are beautiful! Great Job!


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