Etude House Dual Wide Eyes Mascara #1, #3, & #4 Swatches & Review

I bet you didn’t expect to see me so soon, huh?! 😀 Etude House will be asked us to do 2 reviews a month from now on, so I’m here again with another Pink Bird review! This one is on their new mascara, the Dual Wide Eyes mascara! I received #1 Black x Black, #3 Rose Brown x Rose Brown, and #4 Black x Brown to review for you guys. Let’s get into it!

Photo from Etude House’s website

I have experience with quite a few mascaras from Etude House, including their Curl Fix mascara (in black, brown, & pink), the Lash Perm mascara (volume), and the Oh My Lash! mascara (top coat & volume). Having said that, I recently found my Holy Grail mascara in the Milk Makeup “Kush” mascara, so I was curious to see how this one performed (considering it’s much cheaper!).

The mascara comes in 6 different shades as you can see in the graphic from Etude House’s website above, and I received 3 of those shades for review!

There’s a little bit of a difference in the English instructions and the Korean ones, so I’ll briefly explain what the Korean ones say. Step 1 is the same, but the usage of the smaller brush was unclear to me in the English instructions. I took several photos to demonstrate the application according to the Korean instructions vs the English ones, which will be below. The Korean instructions suggest you use the smaller brush for your lower lashes and for the front and back of your lashes (where the lashes tend to be shorter), coating each lash one by one.

.。゚☆ #1 Black x Black ☆゚。.

The packaging is quite simple, with a thicker top and words detailing which wand is where. Despite the simplicity I think it looks quite nice!

Back of tube

The pot for the “upper” end screws off of the component like so. The “under” end comes out of the component completely, instead of being attached to it like the upper end is. I wish both wands came out of the middle component, because having one come out and not the other makes it uncomfortable to switch around in your hands when using it. It’s a small detail, but makes me wonder why they did it that way!

The bristles are quite short and concentrated, which I prefer because I find that thick wands always transfer onto my lids when applying.

The “under” brush is bent at 30 degree angle, and about half the length of the “upper” brush. I find the bristles to be a bit too far apart to grab much product, but more on that later.

The top swatch is of the “under” wand, and the bottom one of the “upper” wand. As I commented previously, the upper wand distributes much more product onto your lashes, and I had to press pretty hard on my hand to get payoff from the under wand.


My lashes have some natural curl to them, and thus hold a curl very well so most mascaras don’t make them droop.

Here I applied the mascara according to how I understood the Korean instructions, which was the use the upper wand on the top and the under wand on the bottom, as well as in the inner and outer corner lashes. I found that doing it this way didn’t distribute as much product as I’d like on my lower lashes, but gave a natural effect to them. If you flip back and forth between the two photos you can see how much my lashes grew!! I was honestly so impressed at first application with how black my lashes became!

After a day of wear

This is how my eye looked at the end of the day! No smudging, no flakes, and the curl is almost completely intact! This lasted through my workout at the gym, and the 35°+ weather, so I must say I’m quite impressed with the formula! It claims to be completely waterproof, and I always sweat a lot during my workouts but it didn’t budge 😅.

Why is half of my eyebrow pink…

And this is what my lashes look like when applying the mascara according to the English instructions! I used the “upper” wand on both sets of lashes, then used the “under” wand to really get close to my lash-line, as well as hitting the inner and outer corners. The most notable difference is how much thicker my lower lashes and lash-line look this way! I think application will come down to personal preference, because I think both look good (although the above method is more to my style).

.。゚☆ #3 Rose Brown x Rose Brown ☆゚。.

I must say…I think I only like this packaging when it’s completely back, because I’m not really feeling the colour of this one😅.

As for the colour of the mascara itself, actually matches the undertones in my brows and eyes really well! It’s quite a unique colour, and I prefer it to a standard brown because of how flattering it is for my eye colour. My only qualm with it is that it’s quite hard to coat your lashes completely (although my lashes are quite dark). This one goes really well with warm-toned eye looks as you’ll see further down in this post!

.。゚☆ #4 Black x Brown ☆゚。.

Like I said, I’m not really sure how I feel about the non-black packaging🤔.

This one is my least favourite of the 3, simply because the under wand doesn’t distribute enough product to get the brown colour to show up (I only applied it to my bottom lashes as the Korean directions instructed to do). As you can see, I tried to get really close to my lash-line on the bottom, hence the brown dots on it, but even then my lashes don’t look very brown. It’s definitely more subtle than they looked with the black mascara, but I think you’d be better off buying the one that’s brown on both ends if you’re looking for a brown mascara!

.。゚☆ My Look ☆゚。.

You can find all makeup details for this look on my Instagram here, but this was done using the Rose Brown x Rose Brown mascara. As you can see, it really helps to bring the look together and give it a soft touch! Because of how it “completes” makeup looks, the RB x RB mascara is my favourite of the 3!

I paired the eye look with Etude House’s Soft Drink Tint in “Grapefruit Fantasy” that I reviewed previously here, as well as the Shining Cheek Duo 03호 (reviewed here). Rose gold eye looks go great with Autumn, but I find when pairing them with a bright lip and cheek like this they look very summery!

.。゚☆ Final Thoughts ☆゚。.

After using this mascara every day for the past week I can definitely say it’s a great quality product! It really makes your lashes look more pigmented and full, and is one of the only mascaras I’ve used that doesn’t flake or smudge on some level during the day.

Now, the cons…this unsmudgable-ness comes at a price! I find that when it comes time to take off the mascara it’s quite hard to get off😢. This is the reason I dislike waterproof mascara, as I find I end up losing a lot of lashes in the removal process despite loving how budgeproof it is! I had this same issue with the Etude House Curl Fix mascara, but I can confidently say they’ve improved on the formula for this in that while it is hard to remove, it’s not on there for life like the Curl Fix mascara is. I use coconut oil and micellar water to remove my makeup (which I haven’t been loving), but if you have a solid makeup removal routine and/or like waterproof mascara I suspect this won’t be an issue!

I think the smaller wand is a great idea, but wish it picked up more product so it’d be easier to apply with. However, now that I’ve used the “upper” wand on both my upper and lower lashes (I find the “upper”/”under” labels misleading), while using the “under” wand for the roots and hard-to-reach lashes, I’ve found it’s actually quite a good solution to get to all my lashes.

As for the price, at 16,000KRW for 5g (upper) and 3.5g (lower), it’s more expensive than Etude House’s regular mascaras for a similar amount of product (eg. Curl Fix has 8g). Having said that, for two wands and two application styles (and in some cases, two different colours) I can say you’re getting the bang for your buck! I might also be saying that because my Holy Grail mascara costs 11,000KRW more than this 😂.

If you’re interested in learning more about this product from Etude House’s Korean website you can check it out here! What are your thoughts on waterproof mascara? Personally tubing mascaras are my favourite, but I find them hard to find outside of East Asia!!

Until next time~ (/^▽^)/

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