Etude House Soft Drink Tint All 5 Shades Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! My blog has finally become secure, so hopefully I’ll be seeing more of you around here 😍. Today I’ll be reviewing Etude’s newest addition to their tint line – the Soft Drink Tints! I received all 5 colours from my Pink Bird PR box, so will be reviewing and swatching all of them for you today!

Etude House has been distancing themselves from their cutesy concept for a while now, but this release lines up exactly with the Etude House we know and love!!

Photo from Etude House’s website

The promotional images for this release are so cute!

Photo from Etude House’s website

There are 5 colours available in this line – 4 tints & 1 gloss. They claim to have a moisturizing gel texture, as well as an “electrifying” soda-like scent!

As you could see in the first photo, the boxes for each tint are designed to look like soda machines, coloured and labeled differently to match the colour inside. The directions are exactly how I suggest the tint is applied, for reasons I will detail below, so I’m glad they included them!

On the bottle itself you have the name and colour code in Korean on the back of the label.

The applicator is quite long, and slightly angled for optimum blending. On one hand I like that the tip is thin because it makes the application really precise and accurate, but it’s too thin to really blend out the product at your lip line nicely like a wider tip would (although whether or not this is a problem is quite dependent on how you like to apply your tints).

.。゚☆ RD301 – Zero Red ☆゚。.

First up is RD301 – Zero Red (빨대 콕! 레드). The name is a bit hard to translate (if I did it literally it would be “Straw Poke! Red”), because it’s a play on words with the word 콕 (Kok) being both the sound effect for poking/pricking something, and the word for “Coke” (the soda).

As the name insinuates, it smells like Coca Cola! The scent of these are really strong at first, but they go away pretty quickly so it’s something to keep in mind.

This swatch is why the directions suggest you scrape the applicator on the edge of the bottle before applying to remove excess product. If you put on too much it leaves your lips uncomfortably sticky, and causes the product to slide everywhere and get patchy like you can see above. I decided to keep this swatch to give you an idea of what a poor application looks like, and how you can avoid it! As for the colour, it’s a warm-toned red, so looks okay on me but not my favourite colour for my skin tone. This one also was the hardest to get an even stain on, and it clung to my inner lips as tints tend to do on me. Definitely my least favourite of the 5.

.。゚☆ PK001 – Peach Toktoktok ☆゚。.

Next is the first of the pinks, PK001 – Peach Toktoktok (복숭아 톡톡톡). They actually already translated this one for me, so my job here is done 😂.

This one is peach-scented and smells SO good😭. It’s the cooler of the two pinks, and is one of my faves!

It’s a “bright” colour, but not too bright that it isn’t natural. It’s such a great summer colour! It goes on a lot more even than the red and doesn’t cling to any patches too.

.。゚☆ OR201 – Grapefruit Fantasy ☆゚。.

The next colour is OR201 – Grapefruit Fantasy (자몽 판타지). This is another one that matches its Korean name!

The little grapefruit on the packaging are so cute😭. I don’t know if it smells like grapefruit per se, but it definitely has a citrus-y scent.

This one is hands down my favourite of the tints! It’s such a flattering warm pink that goes on with zero trouble. Another great colour for the summer!

.。゚☆ PP501 – Great Grape ☆゚。.

PP501 – Great Grape (포도 치어스) is the first time (in a while, at least) that I’ve seen a purple lip tint from Etude House! The Korean name is different for this one, and translates as “Grape Cheers”. It naturally has a grape scent 🙂 .

This one is actually surprisingly purple leaning instead of being purely a pink like purple shades tend to be in Korea!! The application is a little iffy because I had to put foundation on my lips at this point to try to mask all of the stains from the previous 3 colours. Adding onto that, I think this is actually more of a true purple than it appears here because my pink-stained lips were still showing through a little bit despite my attempt to cover them up. You can get a better idea of the true colour at the end of the individual reviews section! Either way, this is a really pretty warm purple that isn’t too bold for those wary of trying a purple shade 🙂 .

.。゚☆ BL601 – Milky Soda ☆゚。.

I was going to review these in the order they’re listed on the website, but this one technically isn’t a lip tint so I decided to leave it last instead of 4th like it is on Etude House’s page. Anyway, this is BL601 – Milky Soda (밀키 소다). The Korean name for this one is the same!

Despite looking blue in the bottle, this is a clear gloss. It smells like cotton candy! 💕

If you look closely you can see that there are little pink sparkles in it too. I like that this is a feature in a big chunk of K-Beauty glosses, because I find it makes your lips look even shinier & juicier!

My lips are stained pink in this photo from the previous swatches, but the glass actually leaves a sliiight pink stain on your lips as you’ll see in the arm swatches. It’s very moisturizing, comfortable, and pretty! I’ve been using it on top of other lipsticks or on its own to hydrate my lips.

.。゚☆ Comparison Swatches & Formula ☆゚。.

RD301, OR201, PK001, PP501, BL601

Besides the red one, I can honestly say this formula is awesome! The lip swatches speak for themselves, but despite having difficult lips to work with when it comes to tints, they went on evenly and didn’t cling to my patches at all! They also give a nice glow to your lips, but also set down completely if you blot them/apply little product. I find like with all lip tints they have a bit of a sticky, drying texture (especially if you apply too much product), but because they stain I find it easy to apply lip balm (or the gloss!) on top for hydration without removing the product below.

Stained lips after scrubbing vigorously with micellar water

They don’t last through meals, however, unless you apply multiple layers throughout the day before eating. If you do that then your lips end up looking stained like mine do in the photo above!

.。゚☆ Final Thoughts ☆゚。.

Overall I’m really happy that Etude House released these, if only because they give me hope that they’re slowly returning to their fun, innovative concept! I absolutely love the packaging on these, as well as the fact that each one has a different scent. They’re comfortable, easy to apply, and leave a really flattering stain! At 7,500 KRW for 4.6g (BL601 has 4g), they also don’t break the bank!

Etude House has introduced a new system for the Pink Bird PR boxes where we have to do two reviews a month instead of 1, so you’ll be seeing another review from me in a few days💕. Until then~ (人◕ω◕)


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