Seoul’s Hidden Gem Vegan Cafe – DalYang (달냥)

Happy Monday! Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a few cafe/restaurant posts saved up from when I lived in Korea so that I’d still have non-KBeauty-related content for you guys! The place I’ll be sharing is a little out of the way, but totally worth the trip – the vegan resto-cafe DalYang (달냥)!

Located in a remote area of Seongbuk-gu, this cafe probably isn’t somewhere you’d stumble upon randomly. Nestled in a back alley it’s not the easiest place in the world to find, but if you’re looking for a little adventure outside of the tourist-heavy areas of Seoul you’ll definitely enjoy the trip!

All you need to look for when seeking DalYang out is this sign with the representative “moon cat” on it. In Korean “dal (달)” is “moon”, and “nyang (냥)” is the shortened form of “nyangi (냥이)” which is a cutesy word for “cat” (like “kitty”)!

You’ll find lots of cute references to the cafe’s namesake throughout the place!

One of the cafe’s most famous products is their vegan ice cream. Korea gets really hot and humid in the summer, but there aren’t usually very many options out there for the lactose-intolerant or vegan. DalYang has you covered with a delicious soy soft serve which you’ll see that I tried later in the post!

The interior of the cafe itself is pretty small, but comfortable.

They were still really new when I went so the decorations weren’t all set up, but they have a raised carpeted area where you eat sitting on the floor. It really gives the cafe a nice cozy touch!

The menu selection is surprisingly diverse considering it’s all vegan! Looking at their Facebook page they’ve added a lot more to the menu, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like!

I ordered the DalYang Burger + salad! At the time this option wasn’t listed as gluten-free, but they talked about expanding to a gluten-free menu in the future so it’s possible they have GF options now😀. You can probably tell by looking at it, but the burger was SO DELICIOUS. I personally love the combination of salty + sweet, so the pineapple gave the salty charred burger a nice sweetness that balanced everything together nicely. The thinly-sliced radish was also a nice touch!

My friend got the Rucola Caprese Salad, and the cheese tasted just like the real thing! (Naturally I tried a piece 😛)

Aaaaaaand of course we got dessert! Several, in fact😂.

On the left was the vegan chocolate pudding (my personal fave), and the soft-serve. You’d never know either of these weren’t made with animal products because they were so rich and creamy! I’m drooling just looking at the pictures🤤.

One of my favourite things to snack on between meals is yogurt with berries (and granola!), but once I hit 25 for some reason I became less and less tolerant to concentrated dairy products (eg. yogurt, milk, ice cream). DalYang offers a delicious soy yogurt with fresh fruit that really hits the spot!


We also got these cute stickers with our food! Korean cafes are always so impeccable with their “service” (서비스 – complementary goods/services), and DalYang is no exception!

Another thing I really like about this cafe is that they regularly host mini market events supporting local artists and participate in different demonstrations for animal/human rights, as well as promote environmentalism as a plastic straw-free establishment (they also sell metal straws!). Not only can you get great food, desserts, and all kinds of coffee/drinks there, but you’re also supporting local businesses and great causes!

All in all DalYang is a great place to visit if you get the chance while in Seoul, even if you’re not vegan/vegetarian! Had it been a little easier to get to I’d have gone more than once, but it’s well worth the trip😍.

If you want to find out more about DalYang you can check out their Facebook page here, where you’ll also find directions to get there!

How do I remember what everything tasted like in posts like these that I put together ages ago? Whenever I visit somewhere I take a ton of notes on my phone, which I then transfer to my computer for when I eventually write the posts😀! I still have 4 cafe posts left for the future, so I hope you look forward to them! Until then~ ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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