Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes WH901, WH902, BE102, PP501 Review & Swatches

Happy Sunday! I wonder what it is about Sundays that makes it so hard to get work done, despite it technically being like any other day 🤔 (especially for those of us who work from home!). Today I’m bringing to you a post about Etude House’s new Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes liquid glitter eye-shadows! Will these hold a candle to the famous Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid shadows? Read on to find out!

The Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes aren’t Etude House’s first attempt at liquid glitter, and I reviewed the previous edition, the Shaking Crystal Eyes, here to pretty poor results. I bought 4 of these on a 2 for the price of 1 sale in hopes that they would have improved the formula!

The boxes are holographic and look so cool in certain lighting as you can see above.

Box directions detail

GIF from Etude House’s website

These come in 10 colours, and with several finishes. The majority of them (and 3 out of 4 of the ones I got) have a base colour to go with the glitter, and the other two are a chunk glitter with no base (far left), as well as an eye gloss (far right). I’m curious to see if the eye gloss dries down or not, but I was apprehensive of the quality when purchasing so didn’t end up getting it.

WH901, WH902, BE102, PP501

Here are the 4 colours I got! Honestly when I got them in my hands I had no idea why I chose BE102…it’s a very basic brown glitter of which I have many, but I have it now so I guess that’s it🤷‍♀️.

The packaging is nice and sturdy, with pretty holographic detailing. I really like how it looks – simple but cute!

The wands are nice way to apply the product, and pretty comfortable to use. My issue I have with the wand I think is more of a packaging issue, in that I think the hole in the bottle is too small and squeezes the product off the wand a bit too well when you pull it out. This causes you to have to go back in another time to get enough product for your eye.

If you can’t tell by all these photos, I had a FIELD DAY shooting these with my macro lens on the sunlit balcony. As much as I enjoy doing makeup looks for my Instagram, taking product porn has always been way too much fun for me😅. Anyway, the bottles are clear so that you can see the product inside!

*swatches at the end of the individual impressions

.。゚☆ WH901 – Crystal Shoes ☆゚。.

The first of the bunch, WH901 유리구두 (Crystal Shoes), doesn’t have a base and is a more defined cut of glitter than the rest. This one takes a bit more building to do than the others because of what I mentioned about the applicator, but despite that is my favourite of the bunch for reasons I’ll mention below.

I was going to do Queen Beryl's look as the last look of Season 1, but decided to do one based off of the 7 Rainbow Crystals (虹水晶) that she was trying to collect to create the Silver Crystal (幻の 銀水晶) and revive Queen Metalia. These were basically the main plot point of season 1, and I've been inspired by all the Pride looks going around lately, so wanted to do something as a tribute to that. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH🌈! #jasmineitorSM PRODUCTS USED: @bhcosmetics 120 Palette 1st Edition w/ @inglot_ca Duraline @stilacosmetics Stay All Day liquid lipstick "Beso" @nyxcosmetics / @nyxcosmetics_canada Vivid Brights liners "Delight" "Envy" "Violet" @wolfefaceartfx Essentials (yellow/dark blue) @etudehouseofficial Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes "WH901 유 리구두" (glitter) @heroinemake Pen / Pencil liners "Black" Dollar store lashes . . . . #sailormoon #rainbow #queenberyl #sailormoonfan #sailormooncrystal #kvdbeauty #kbeauty #katvondbeauty #stilacosmetics #stila #crystals #stones #inglotcosmetics #darkkingdom #anime #moon #animemakeup #cosplay #etudehouse #etude All characters are property of Naoko Takeuchi!

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I patted the glitter on my lid with the applicator for this look, fanned my eye until it dried down, and voila! Budge-proof, comfortable glitter! Despite the bigger cut of it it didn’t feel uncomfortable on my eyes (my biggest concern when wearing glitter, both for eye safety and general irritation) and lasted all day. I’ve worn it outside 3 times now and have gotten compliments every time! Definitely a must-have if you’re interested in this collection❤.

.。゚☆ WH902 – Mirror Mirror ☆゚。.

Despite the sheer amount of glitter pots I own I don’t own a pure silver one, so went with WH902 거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror). It’s a cooltoned silver with subtle flecks of purple and blue glitter in it! As for how it applies, well…

…yeah. Applying these on bare lids with no primer does NOT work. I put some on my eye in the center with the applicator and then tried dabbing it around with my finger which caused it all to lift up and flake everywhere. Trying to blend it out with a brush doesn’t help at all either, so once it’s down it’s down.

Upon using a sticky base and reapplying on top of the first mess you can see I got a much better result. The glitter looks oddly dark when not in direct lighting, but does sparkle very prettily when the light hits it. Because of this I advise using this on top of other products, since unfortunately it just looks messy when using it by itself.

.。゚☆ BE102 – Starlight Sparkler ☆゚。.

Again, out of all the choices available I have no idea why I bought this one😅. I think it’s because I went against my own advice and believed the official Etude House swatch (big mistake as I always point out in my posts), and I thought this would be more of an orange! I’m still on the look out for the perfect orange glitter topper, and sadly this is not it.

This was my first impression with the glitter shadows and you can tell by how done I look with life, as well as the mess all over my face that it wasn’t a good one. It got EVERYWHERE and I had the same problem that I had with the silver one where it would lift when I tried to pat it with my finger to blend it out.

Having said that, I wiped it off and tried applying it again on top of a basic coppery shadow (a shimmer shadow without glitter) and BAM, this sparkly gorgeousness appeared! So this is yet another one that I don’t recommend using on its own.

.。゚☆ PP501 – Purple Disco ☆゚。.

PP501 퍼플 디스코 (Purple Disco), or “Puple” as they put it (killing it with the quality control on this one🤣) is different from the other purple glitter I have in that it looked quite dark and plummy in the swatches, whereas the ones I own are more sheer, light purples.

Once again, not a good look when applied on its own. I tried applying it directly on my eye on the lower lid without patting it around with my finger and you can see that it worked a lot better. However, since the glitter looks oddly “dirty” when not in the light it ends up looking strange when the light isn’t hitting it so I still prefer how it looks with a base.

I applied a shimmery purple shadow on top (I didn’t reapply the glitter – turns out I didn’t need to!) to see how it fared and it definitely looks A LOT better.

Queen Beryl👑! If you looked at my story you'll know that this is my second attempt at this look because I really didn't like how the first one came out😕. Beryl has A LOT going on, so it was hard to pick and choose elements for the look. Having said that, I'm enjoying all of the geometric shapes in this one…gives me abstract painting vibes🤔. I also based this one off of her manga portrayal since her green jewelry in the original anime wasn't doing it for me (swipe right to see what I mean😆). #jasmineitorSM PRODUCTS USED: @sugarpill "Love+" "Poison Plum" shadows @3ce_official "Tomared" shadow @colourpopcosmetics Pressed Powder shadow "Making Moves" @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick "Vampira" / Alchemist palette @etudehouseofficial Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes "PP501 퍼 플 디스코" @heroinemake Pen liner Dollar store lashes . . . . #sailormoon #rainbow #queenberyl #sailormoonfan #sailormooncrystal #kvdbeauty #kbeauty #katvondbeauty #sugarpill #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop #3ce#darkkingdom #anime #moon #animemakeup #cosplay #etudehouse #etude All characters are property of Naoko Takeuchi!

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I also used it in the corner of my eye on top of a matte purple shadow in the above look, and you can see that it performed well in that format as well.

.。゚☆ Swatches ☆゚。.

It’s unfortunate that these can’t be used on their own, as I was hoping that I could use them for a quick glitter look on the go, but they really need bases to shine (literally!). These swatches were done by swiping one side of the wand down my arm, then flipping it and swiping the other side down my arm next to it.

When not in direct sunlight you can see that PP501 has a blackish undertone to it, which looks fine in the swatch but on my eye just makes everything look messy. However, this means that it will perform great on a black cream base (like the NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Black Bean” that I always use on my Instagram), so I haven’t written it off completely.

Blending it out with my finger shows what I talked about in this post a lot better. WH901 does not do well in blending it out, and should just be patted on and let be to dry, and the other ones also become patchy when blended out (especially PP501 because of the black base).

I tried adding text on this video but my computer froze for 20mins upon opening After Effects and was rendered completely useless after that, so here we are😪. These are the @etudehouseofficial Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes, and in order of appearance – WH901 유리구두 / WH902 거울아 거울아 / BE102 별빛 스파클러 / PP501 퍼플 디스코. The rub at the end was to show how budge-proof they are✨. I have a full-length blog post coming with these, but wanted to film a little video to show off the glitter as only a video can😌. I didn't use any apps on this, just direct sunlight👀. 🎵Song ; @bluedoom95 – I love her but we're just friends… . . . . #koreanmakeup #etudehouse #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #glitter #liquidglitter #koreancosmetics #bblog #beautygram #cosmeticoscoreanos #beautycommunity #seoulsecret #seoulstyle #swatches #makeupvideo #glitterporn #mirrorholic #liquidshadow #etude #에뛰드하우스

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Here’s a little video I filmed showing how they dry down, as well as the glitter in action!

.。゚☆ Final Thoughts ☆゚。.

I’m honestly on the fence. I would definitely buy WH901 a thousand times over and have nothing bad to say about that one as a colour, as it is the only one that I can confidently use on its own or as a topper. The other 3 however almost need a base to perform, which is perfectly fine, but I think your opinion of these will be based on how you intend to use them. If you’re looking for something like a glitter pot that you can throw on and leave the house then I wouldn’t recommend these, and would instead recommend something like the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes and the like. However, if you’re looking for a way to amp up your regular makeup looks with a punch of glitter then this budge-proof, fallout-proof formula will be right up your alley!

There are 10 shades available at 11,000 KRW for 3.2g (the glossy one is 3.0g), and if you want to see what the other ones look like you can check them out on Etude House’s website here.

And that’s it! Are you planning on picking up any of these, or have you already? Leave your thoughts below <3 . Until next time~  (´∇`)/

*I purchased these with my own money


  • Evelyn June 25, 2018 at 5:36 am

    Creo que son muy bonitas, aunque coincido con que no se ven muy bien cuando no hay una base de color abajo…,has probado las de Touch in sol? Esas son pigmentadas, ya que traen dos lados…aunque los colores muy oscuros no se ven muy lindos.
    Lograste probar aquél tono que parecía brillo labial? yo lo ví ayer y me causó curiosidad, porque me parece que sería algo pegajoso…por eso no me pude decidir T_T

    • Jasmineitor August 2, 2018 at 9:02 pm

      Me muero por probar ese gloss! Estoy viendo si lo compro en un sale algun dia de estos jeje. Pero me tinca tambien que va a ser super pegajoso/oily 🤔…quisas para un look mas grunge? Aun no he podido probar los de TiS, pero los swatcheo cada vez que voy a Sephora y quiero probarlos ㅠ_ㅠ algun dia <3

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