Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Review & Swatches – All 12 Shades!

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be talking about Etude House’s venture into the liquid matte lipstick world – their Matte Chic Lip Lacquers! Despite being mega late to the party, how do these stack up against the competition? Keep reading to find out!

Liquid matte lipsticks hit the world by storm in 2016, and while the hype has petered out there are still many who prefer this kind of formula due to its long-lasting, no-smudge finish. Etude House has released 12 shades of their own, after brands like Espoir and Pony Effect, 5 of which are in collaboration with the K-Pop group Red Velvet.

As always, if you want to skip to a specific colour press CTRL + F (command + F for Macs) and search the specific colour family (pink, red, orange, purple/brown/beige).

The box art has a matte finish, with each box matching the corresponding liquid lipstick on the inside.

Each lipstick colour has different ingredients in it, but you can view the ingredients in Korean here. The formula promises to provide a long-lasting matte finish with their “quick-fixing oil” technology.


The tube itself is a frosty matte with the lettering and design printed on top in a shiny finish. Because the tube is frosty, the colour inside is a little lighter/duller than it actually is once applied. The lid is a more accurate representation of the inside colour!

As for where the colour name information is…this is probably one of the cheapest looking applications I’ve seen from Etude in a while😓. I would have preferred the name information be on the bottom (although it’d have to be very small) with an opaque white sticker. The edges have already began lifting on these ones, and it just looks messy to me. The packaging also gets scratched pretty easily, so I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it🤔.

This picture looks like something out of a science book…

The wand is pretty uniquely shaped when I compare it to the rest of the liquid lipsticks in my collection. It has a thin tip that aids really well to precise lines, as well as a curve that hugs your lips nicely. I really like the shape of it!

Now onto the swatches! Since there are 12 colours that I’ll be reviewing, I’ll just write a small descriptor of each shade and a short thought on them before I summarize the colour family as a group at the end of each section.

.。゚☆ Pink ☆゚。.

Bottom to top – PK001 ~ PK004

When I first looked at these I was a little worried they’d look too similar to each-other to be worth buying more than one, so let’s see the swatches!

PK001 – Rose Pink (어제보다 로제 – More Rosé Than Yesterday) is a rosy reddish pink. LOVE this one, very smooth and not patchy. Only 1 layer needed.

PK002 – Wink Pink (윙크하는 핑크 – The Pink That Winks) is a warm coral. I find this one to be a bit too warm-toned for my skintone. It took 2 layers to get to this colour, and even then there were still parts that were a bit patchy. However, once you build it up it’s such a bright, pretty colour!

PK003 – Yeri Pink (예리한 핑크 – Sharp Pink = a play on words with Red Velvet member Yeri’s name since “Yeri-hada” also means sharp/astute!), the first of the Red Velvet colours. This is a strong orangey-red on me, and didn’t really pull pink. Took 2 layers, and on the 2nd layer I pressed my lips together by mistake and so it got a little uneven as you can see in the middle of my top lip.

PK004 – Romance Rose (로맨스엔 로즈 – Romance en Rose) is a gorgeous muted pink, and if you’re a regular reader of my blog it should come as no surprise to you that this is my favourite of the pinks😆. Only takes 1 swipe to cover completely (the bottom lipline looks patchy because I went in again to try to draw a better lipline), makes my lips look super smooth and velvety, and is the most flattering on my skintone. I love using this one as a gradient/blown-out lip.

I’d say PK001 & PK004 would work best on cooltoned/neutral skin, and PK002 & PK003 are probably more suited for warmtones as I didn’t find them flattering on me. PK002 & PK003 took some finessing to get even, which I imagine has to do with how neon and bright the colours are.

.。゚☆ Red ☆゚。.

Bottom to top – RD301 ~ RD303

When it comes to red lipsticks liquid mattes tend to be my favourite formula for them as they don’t smudge, which is my biggest fear with red😆.

RD301 – Ready for Red (준비된 레디 레드 – Ready Ready Red…no, that’s not a typo) is a VERY pretty blue-toned red. Smooth, bright, a “teeth-whitening” red. The lipstick on the corners of my mouth didn’t bleed, this was just the first swatch I took when I had planned on blending them out originally😌.

RD302 – Seulgi Burgundy (슬기로운 버건디 – Wise Burgundy = another play on words with RV member Seulgi’s name. “Seulgi-ropda” means “wise/sensible”) is a plum wine. This colour is pretty patchy😣. It took a LOT of finessing to get to what it looks like in the photo, and you can see it’s still patchy. I prefer applying this one in the center of my lips, blending it out, and then applying a gloss on top instead of using it as a full lip because it really is too difficult to work with.

RD303 – Irene Red (워 아이린 레드 – Wo Irene Red = a play on words with Irene’s name and the Chinese phrase “Wo Ai Ni 我爱你” meaning “I love you”) is another blue-based red that’s different from RD301 only in that it’s a little more pink.

It’s a little disappointing that only 1 of these reds are worth getting! (well, RD301 & RD303 are both great but so similar to each-other I only recommend getting one of the two). RD302 is a total pass for me, even though I’ve been getting use out of it under a gloss as you’ll see further down in this post.

.。゚☆ Orange ☆゚。.

Bottom to top – OR201 ~ OR202

Orange lipsticks never flatter my skintone, but these two are quite nice so warm-toned skin can rejoice!

OR201 – Joy Grapefruit (상큼하조이 자몽 – Refreshing Joy Grapefruit = another play on words, but I can’t quite figure this one out so if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know!) is a warm-toned red. I personally prefer the cool-toned reds in the red section, but I’m glad they included red lipsticks for warm-toned skin too!

OR202 – Too Much Orange (얼마나 오렌지 – It’s Been How Long? = a play on words with the word orange or “orenji” and “오래인지 orae-inji” aka “how long”)…how I feel about it is basically in the name😂. Having said that, this one made my lips look SO smooth! It’s kind of a salmon-leaning orange, and is a pretty unique colour! Another one that’d be great on warm-toned skin.

It’s interesting to me that there are so few oranges in a K-Beauty lipstick collection! Orange used to be THE colour in K-Beauty, but maybe that trend is ending?! To be fair, there are a few orangey pinks in this line too, so orange isn’t completely absent…If you’re into bright reds with a warm base, OR201 is your jam, whereas if you’re into more of a muted look than OR202 is for you! Both are great formula-wise so you’re safe with either.

.。゚☆ Beige / Brown / Purple ☆゚。.

Bottom to top – BE101, BR401, PP501

And the last 3 – a beige, a brown, and a purple that I can’t really say look like any of those colours at first glance😂.

BE101 – Peach Beige (피치 못한 베이지 – Unavoidable Beige/The Beige That Couldn’t Be Peach = a play on words with “피치 pichi” meaning both the colour peach, as well as “unavoidable”) is a pale, warm-ish beige that goes on a little patchy. it took 2 layers to build it up, and you have to be careful when applying it because the pale base means it’s pretty obvious when you miss a spot as you can see in the left (my left) corner of my mouth.

BR401 – Wendy Brown (오늘은 웬디 브라운 – Today is Wendy Brown = I’m not sure, but probably a play on words with her name and the similar-sounding “왠지 wenji” aka “somehow”, so the pun would translate as “Today is Somehow Brown”!). This is less of a brown as it is a rosy dusty pink, and 100% my kind of colour! 1 swipe coverage.

PP501 – Very Berry Plum (생각보다 자주 – More Plum/Often Than I Thought = “plum” and “often” are both “자주 jaju” in Korean!) is just what the English name suggests – a berry plum! It’s a dark colour, but isn’t streaky like RD302 is (despite my shoddy lipline😒).

I wish there was a true brown in this line, as well as more of a purply purple. Having said that, the two here are very nice!

.。゚☆ Formula & Final Thoughts ☆゚。.

RD302 with a gloss on top

The formula of these is a lot thinner than what I’m used to with liquid matte lipsticks, which has its pros and cons. The thinness means they glide on your lips very easily, and aren’t cakey or flaky like some formulas can be. You also end up feeling like there’s nothing on your lips, and they’re very comfortable and soft (almost powdery feeling)! On the downside, because the formula is so thin it dries very quickly, so you have to work fast otherwise it won’t blend out smoothly like you can see happened with my lip gradient in the above photo. I recommend applying and perfecting one lip before you move onto the other one. Another downside of the thin formula is that they’re not the most lasting of liquid lipsticks (they erase upon eating), but I’m willing to sacrifice longevity for comfort!

I’ve found non-Korean liquid matte lipsticks too drying and thick for me lately and thus always wear them topped with a gloss, but the formula of these is really thin, smoothing, and comfortable! Because they dry down completely without transferring or smudging I wonder if they could be used as eyeliners too🤔. At 12,000 KRW for 4g I think these are a great, affordable option for matte lipstick lovers!

Have you tried any of these yet?! If so, what are your thoughts? Inspired by all the red in this post I’m thinking I might upload the first entry in my 1-colour series next! Until then~ ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ

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  • Dominika June 13, 2018 at 4:50 am

    Rd303 looks glorious on you 😍😍😍

    • Jasmineitor June 13, 2018 at 5:40 pm

      Thank youuu 😍 I wanted to do a few full-face pictures with these on but I haven’t done my makeup in lord knows how long…maybe I’ll upload some selca for Instagram 🤔

  • Evelyn June 13, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Por eso me gusta ver tus swatches…la publicidad de Etude mostraba el rojo de Irene como uno muy muy potente y oscuro, y la verdad es que incluso lo veo suave. El de Seulgi se notaba más vampy de lo que se ve en realidad… igual esos tonos se te ven súper bonitos, lo mismo el beige de Wendy ♥

    Resecan? me preocupa mucho eso ahora porque el invierno está bastante frío aquí. Se salen del medio de los labios si comes?

    • Jasmineitor June 14, 2018 at 3:06 am

      Gracias 😭❤️ diria que en la publicidad de Etude el swatch de Seulgi esta demasiado Photoshopeado (comparado con los otros swatches se notan mucho las partes borrosas donde trataron de cubrir el patchiness😓);; pero los rojos fuertes de la coleccion son bastante bonitos❤️

      Suelo tener los labios super secos y irritados pero a estos los siento super comodos! Cuando los tocas tienen como un terminado empolvado(?) que se siente super suave y no acentua las lineas de los labios! Los que hay que aplicar 2+ veces resecan mas porque hay mas capas, pero es tan liviana la formula que resecan mucho menos que otros liquid matte! Igual salen despues de comer, pero lo que hago yo es aplicar el liquid matte y aplicar un poco de un cream lipstick y ahi si que duran todo el dia 😋 (disculpa el essay😂)

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