Etude House Colorful Drawing Collection Palettes, Blush & Brush Review & Swatches

Happy Friday! Today I’m here with part two of the Etude House Colorful Drawing Collection – this time on the two Fantastic Color Eyes palettes, the Water Color Blusher in “Bouquet Rose,” and the “Cream Blusher Brush!” I did a few eye-looks with the palettes too, so if you own one already and want to know how to use them, keep on reading!


.。゚☆Colorful Drawing Water Color Blusher☆゚。.

Etude House has released several cream blush products with other limited-edition collections in the past, but this is the first liquid blush series I can remember. This line comes with 5 unique colours at 7,500 KRW for 10g!

I was sent PK001 – Bouquet Rose, which is the 2nd palest shade in the line. It comes in a squeeze tube that’s meant to look like a tube of watercolor paint, matching with the theme of the collection.

Like the box states, this blush leaves a glowy, bright finish on your skin. It doesn’t set, so if you want it to stay put you’ll have to set it with powder.


After application

With one layer of blush the finish is very natural and glowy. I wouldn’t call this the most buildable blush in the world, since once you go over a part that you already applied blush to it tends to lift the product underneath. I generally apply my makeup on my face right after I apply sunscreen, so my face tends to be very slippery. Because of this I had trouble getting the blush to adhere to certain parts of my face, and so found that it applied better when tapped onto a lightly powdered/matte face with my fingers. It has great lasting power even when not set (as long as you don’t touch your face and rub it off), so I find this a great product to give some life to my cheeks when I’m wearing a bare face otherwise!

.。゚☆Colorful Drawing Cream Blusher Brush☆゚。.

I also received the Cream Blusher Brush! Isn’t the slide-out box it comes in SO pretty?! 😍

The box suggests you use it to apply the liquid blush in circular motions, but I find that just disrupts all the product/skincare underneath the blush because of how compact the hairs are. Instead I like to use this to apply the product onto my face and gently blend the edges out with tapping motions. This brush also works really well with applying cream/jelly blush from a compact onto your face!

Etude House’s brushes aren’t really widely talked about, but their face brushes are always great quality and some of my favourites, so I had high hopes with this one! The white handle and gold ferrule are very sturdy and match really well with the pink-white gradient of the hairs.

The hairs feel very soft and compact, and the brush tip itself isn’t that big so it’s good for spot application. Another quality face brush from Etude House😍. This one sells for 8,500 KRW, and the collection also has a dual-ended lip brush and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush if those are more up your alley (although I haven’t used those so don’t know what they’re like).

.。゚☆Colorful Drawing Fantastic Color Eyes☆゚。.

Etude House’s single eyeshadows are famous for being great quality for their affordable price, but their palettes can be pretty hit or miss…if you don’t know what to look out for. My least favourite Etude House palettes are the Play Color Eyes series by far, as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous reviews on them, but I’ve found the Fantastic Color Eyes palettes to be very similar in quality to their single shadows!

There were two palettes released with this collection, the #Magenta Drawing palette and the #Vermilion Drawing palette, one more focused on cool tones and the other more focused on warm ones.

The packaging continues with the “paint” motif, although I wish that the colours were printed all-over like the box and not just a sticker on the front. Both palettes come with a mirror and a sponge-tip applicator inside!

Vermilion Drawing

The Vermilion Drawing palette comes with 2 mattes, 2 shimmers, 1 glitter, and 1 matte glitter (matte shadow with glitter flecks)!

마모 브러쉬, 노란 마분지, 오렌지 그라데이션, 햇살 담긴 물통, 버밀리언 잉크, 브라운 파스텔

The colour names from left to right are: Worn-Out Brush, Yellowed Strawboard, Orange Gradation, Bucket Full of Sunshine, Vermilion Ink, and Brown Pastel. Orange Gradation is one of those colours that I personally find works better on a white base, otherwise it can get muddy. Other stand-out colours are Bucket Full of Sunshine, which has a pretty gold reflect to it, and Vermilion Ink (my personal fave), which can be blended out to a light coral, or packed on for the colour you see in the swatch above. The only issue I have with this palette is that Worn-Out Brush and Brown Pastel aren’t different enough in tone to where I can see a big difference on my eyes. Since this palette is only 6 shades I would have liked to have seen something a little different with one of them.

The Magenta Drawing palette has 3 mattes, 2 shimmers, and 1 glitter. Personally I find the selection of colour in this palette is better than the other one, since you get more variety in undertones meaning you’ll get more diverse looks! In general I think this palette caters better to my cooltoned, pale skintone than the other.


화이트 도화지, 스케치 기법, 핑크 프레임, 마젠타 잉크, 피니쉬 터치, 이젤 브라운

The names are (left to right): White Drawing Paper, Sketching Technique, Pink Frame, Magenta Ink, Finishing Touch, and Easel Brown. Sketching Technique and Pink Frame are similar in that they’re both metallic pinks with gold shifts, but as you can see above, Sketching Technique is a more dull, dusty pink than the other. I think glittery shadows are my least favourite of all Etude House shadows, because like Finishing Touch, most of them barely show up on unless you really work at layering them with your finger, so that shadow is a bit of a miss for me. Magenta Ink is my favourite shadow in both palettes – it’s such a pretty strawberry pink😍.

Both palettes go for 14,000 KRW, with each shadow being 0.7g x 6 = 4.2g per palette. For comparison, the single shadows are 3,500 KRW for 2.0g!

.。゚☆My Looks☆゚。.

Vermilion Drawing

For the first look I decided to do this blown out shadow-wing with the 3 orangey shades. Applying Bucket Full of Sunshine on the inner corner/center of my lid with the sponge applicator helped to really pack the glitter on!

Magenta Drawing

For the second look I used the Magenta Drawing palette. What I like about this palette over the other one is that there’s a matte brown in it that can be used to deepen any of the other available shades, as an eyeliner, or even for your brows if they allow for that! It adds a more versatile edge to this palette that I find the other one lacks.

This look was done with the Magenta palette, among a few other products (most notably the Beyond Alice in Glow Cream Shadow in “01 Sugar Snow” and a black eyeshadow from Kat Von D Beauty). Extending your liner downwards past your upper lash line and filling in the gap from the tip of the liner inward gives the illusion that your eyes are HUGE! Adding sparkle to the center of your upper and lower lids helps with that even further, and I used Finishing Touch from the palette all over my upper lid for that, with the Beyond glitter pot on my lower lid. I wanted to do something a little more subtle with this look to demonstrate that the palette can be used for a really pigmented look, or for something more lowkey like this!

.。゚☆Final Thoughts☆゚。.

I’m quite satisfied with everything I tested for this post! Both palettes are of good quality, and both the blush and the brush work well!

If you’re into the glowy/dewy look, then you’ll definitely like the liquid blushes. While I don’t think the brush is a necessary purchase, if you’re in the market for a blush brush then this one’s worth checking out!

As for the palettes – it really depends on what kind of colour scheme you’re into. If you like a very natural, warm-toned look, then the Vermilion palette is for you. If you want a bit more versatility or a cool-toned colour story then the Magenta palette is what you want!

Are you planning on picking any of the items from this collection up? I’m currently job searching, so unfortunately haven’t done much K-Beauty shopping as it’s a little out of my budget right now and not accessible from where I’m living😭…but I purchased a few products that are on their way from Korea, so I’ll work on putting together some non-gifted reviews for you guys! I don’t want to only upload posts on PR products, so I’ll do my best to get together some stuff for you guys as soon as I can❤. Until next time~ (✿ヘᴥヘ)


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