Etude House Colorful Drawing Collection Lip Tints & Lipsticks Review & Swatches


HI EVERYONE! I’m back – now with a new hosting, a new layout, a new everything! I’m still working out a few loose ends, but I’m happy to present Jasmineitor & Korea 2.0! Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing the lip tints and 2 of the lipsticks (OR215/PK037) from Etude House’s Colorful Drawing collection!

Photo via Etude House

The Colorful Drawing collection came out in February (which is when I was supposed to do this review originally – thank you Canadian post), and features a VERY wide range of products – 28 in total – including 10 Dear My Blooming Lips Talk “Chiffon” lipsticks, 5 Water-color Blushers, 4 Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil liners, 3 makeup brushes, 2 Dear Darling Watergel Tints, 2 Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes, 2 Dashing Diva press-on nails, 1 hand wash, and 1 hand lotion! I also received both palettes and a blush + blush brush that I will be reviewing in a separate post.

.。゚☆Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon Lipsticks☆゚。.

The lipsticks come in a limited edition version of the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon lipsticks – matte white with “Colorful Drawing” written in a collage of random letters with a glossy finish.

Like the permanent-line packaging, there’s a tiny mirror at the end of the lid that you can use to see yourself when applying the lipstick if you squint really hard 😂. The color names are on an equally hard to read sticker at the bottom, along with the expiration date.

Ingredients & other notes

Will these make my lips look attractive with their sensuous texture? Time will tell 🤔.

PK037 감상하는 핑크 / OR215 힐링되는 오렌지

The two colours I received were PK037 “Sentimental Pink” (direct translation – Admiring Pink), and OR215 “Refreshing Orange” (direct translation – Healing Orange). Both are on the warmer side of the spectrum, so would best be suited for warmer skintones, but aren’t completely disagreeable on cooler skin. The packaging contains the same letter motif on the inside, but this time with colour to contrast the all-white outer packaging!

.。゚☆PK037 – 감상하는 핑크☆゚。.

When I did the Chiffon lipstick mega post (here) a long time ago, I found that some lipsticks were more matte, and some were more sheer and creamy. The two I tried in this line were both of the sheer, creamier variety. PK037 is a pretty bright, orangey-pink with a warm undertone. It’s not too warm to where it’s not wearable as someone with cool-toned skin, and it’s a really bright, fun colour for spring!

.。゚☆ OR215 – 힐링되는 오렌지☆゚。.

OR215 is a coral orange with a pinkish, salmon-y undertone. I wouldn’t reach for this myself personally, unless I wore it as a gradient lip, but I can see this being flattering on more warm-toned skin.

Both colours require a little building up to get to their full potential, as it’s quite a slippery, creamy formula. Neither lasted through much wear due to said creamy formula, and faded pretty quickly when eating/drinking. Very comfortable and moisturizing, but I prefer the original Chiffon colours as I find that formula to be a little less sheer and more forgiving. There is a slight sweet scent that’s only there when you sniff really strongly😝. Available in 10 colours at 9,500 KRW for 3.4g!

.。゚☆Dear Darling Tints☆゚。.

Ahh…water tints. I have such a love/hate relationship with these, and unfortunately with the two in this line I’m leaning more towards the hate…but more on that in a second. These come in the same shaped packaging as the regular line, but with a limited edition white lid and different text design on the bottle itself.

On the back you have a brush stroke colour swatch, the name, and expiry information, all on a sticker with a pattern that matches the rest of the collection. A very cute detail!

.。゚☆ PK007 – 물빛 핑크 ☆゚。.

This lipswatch of PK007 – 물빛 핑크 (Shimmering Pink) took a VERY long time to get relatively even, and even then you can still see the lines from the applicator. I don’t know if making these tints work requires the most smooth, most texture-less lips in the world, but I don’t have those so I can’t tell you😂. As soon as I pressed my lips together after taking the picture, all the pigment was gone and I was left with the tint stuck to the inside of my mouth and on any dry patches I had.

.。゚☆ OR206 – 물빛 오렌지 ☆゚。.

This one, OR206 – 물빛 오렌지 (Shimmering Orange), was even worse. I couldn’t really get the pigment to show up on my lips, and it ended up looking like I had just eaten some kind of kimchi dish (probably 김치찌개) and got it all over my mouth.

These have a much stronger sweet scent, and if built up too much get sticky and uncomfortable. They don’t really stick to your lips besides the dry patches/inner part, so I’m not really sure who these would work for. Having said that, when it comes to creamy, slippery lipsticks like the Chiffon ones I tend to like wearing thin tints like this underneath, because I find it makes them last significantly longer when pairing them together! The two tints I got happened to match the two lipsticks, so I’ve been wearing them together and liking them a lot more like that rather than using them on their own. Despite that, I likely wouldn’t buy these again since I already have other water tints I use for the same purpose that suit my skintone better. Available in 2 colours at 4,000 KRW for 4.5g.

.。゚☆Final Thoughts☆゚。.

As far as the Chiffon lipsticks go, I’d say if you have a warm undertone and like a comfortable, yet mildly sheer lipstick then you’d probably enjoy them! There’s a wide variety of colours that I didn’t review that would also suit cool skintones better, and if you’re the type that likes dabbing on your lip products instead of going full pigment then these are a safe bet! At 9,500 KRW they’re also quite affordable! Check them out on Etude House’s Korean website here.

The Dear Darling tints however, are a no for me. If you’re a fan of what makes water tints water tints, then you might be okay with them, but personally I have no idea what kind of person these would work on so can’t really recommend them. They’re only 4,000 KRW each, so if you’re still curious you could probably still check them out at no great expense, but I personally am not a fan. See them for yourself on Etude House’s Korean website here.

And that’s it! I have another review almost complete and ready for upload next week, so I hope you’ll look forward to that❤. I hope you like the new format for taking lip swatches, too! (人◕ω◕)


  • Shirin April 23, 2018 at 5:36 am

    I love the lip swatch and product shots!! PK037 looks like a really pretty shade. I wonder if the water tints could double as a blush, but then the fragrance might irritate your skin hmmm..

    • Jasmine Oliver April 24, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      That’s actually a really smart idea! I’ve used cream lipsticks as blush before when in a pinch, but I’m def going to try that next time <3

  • Dominika April 23, 2018 at 11:47 pm

    I love the new way you do your lip swatches♡

    • Jasmine Oliver April 24, 2018 at 5:26 pm

      Thank you 😍 A lot harder to edit but I’m a lot happier with the result in consequence <3

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