VINTAGE 38 (빈티즈38) @ Jeonpo, Busan

As my regular readers will know, I no longer live in Korea. I know how loved my cafe/places to go posts were, so I commissioned a dear friend of mine located in Korea to visit a fun place and write a guest post for me! Today she will be writing about cafe Vintage 38, located in Busan!

Hello everyone! This is not Jasmine writing the post, but current correspondent in South Korea, Thea! For the most part I am positioned in “Dynamic Busan”, as they call it, and I’m dropping by the blog here to introduce you all to my very favourite café in this wonderful city (as of yet).

Vintage 38 was fairly new when I found it in spring 2017. When you search for it it comes up as a bakery, but they also roast their own coffee beans and have quite a wide variety of drinks as well. Their menu is also really adorable, although mainly all in Korean. It also seems that this place has gotten a popularity boost the last months, because every time I come it gets fuller, and their variety of baked delicacies increase.

Set in what looks like an old industrial building or storage, the interior of the place is really cool.

With old brick, combined with tasteful (and not so tasteful) artwork, what seems to be a whole vinyl collection, and all sorts of old gadgets, it lives up to its name by having quite a Vintage feel.

On the first floor you have a wide, open space with lots of different sorts of tables, and also this is where you find your sweet treats and order your drinks.

What I find to be quite unique for this café is that all baked goods are out on display, and you simply grab a plate and stock up on whatever you might want. You then simply bring it to the register and pay for it.

The second floor has a more “room-like” feel to it, with a heightened floor and bean bags. You have to take off your shoes to sit there, and the area is almost always super crowded.

Finally, the third floor has more tables, but tends to be filled with very lovey-dovey couples, so unless you fit into that category, you might want to stick to the first floor.

Also, take note! The register is a “high-five zone”, and the barista will give you a high-five and wish you a great day as you pay. A silly, but kind of sweet detail – at least for those travelling alone!

But now, off to the point that really matters: the sweets!

Having come here several times now, I have made up my mind on my personal favourite, which is the lemon meringue tart. Sadly it does not seem to be in season in wintertime, so I don’t have a picture of it.

Last time I came here with a friend, we got the pecan tart and the red velvet cake, which are both absolutely delicious and stunning. So for this time around, I decided on trying something new.

I started with my Vintage Bubble Nut Latte (빈티지콥넛라때), a café special that is pretty much a hazelnut latte, but instead of milk foam on top, it has green tea foam.

The drink is absolutely delicious, and even if they have a quite wide range of drinks, this is always my go to drink. Thanks to the green tea it is not too sweet either, which goes well with sweet desserts. At 6000 KRW, it’s not a cheap drink, but it’s worth the price just because of the taste! Oh, and for hot days, their Iced Orange Americano is also great!

For cakes, I got the “Homemade, Oh Yes!” (수제 오예스) chocolate cake. As far as chocolate cakes go, it tasted good and not too sweet. But having worked several years in a bakery myself, I sadly found it too dry and not as delicious as their other treats. At 4500 KRW for a big piece, at least it isn’t too expensive.

I still recommend the pecan tart topped with cream puffs, or the lemon tart if it’s in season when you go there.

Vintage 38 is open 24 hours, and it’s super easy to find! Just take subway line 2 to Jeonpo station (전포역), go out exit 7, and then take the first road down on your left-hand side. Follow that road for a little bit, and you should have the café on your right. Located in Jeonpo-dong’s Café Street, it is also just a ten minute walk to Seomyun, Busan’s equivalent to Seoul’s Hongdae!

For those of you using an app to find it, searching for 빈티지38 in Naver Maps should do the trick, but in case you Google it, the address is 199 Jeonpodae-ro 38 street, Busanjin-gu (부산진구 전포대로199번길 38).

Vintage38’s Instagram can be found here, and you can see more of guest-writer Thea’s adventures in Korea here!


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