Etude House Happy With Piglet Collection Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Was feeling a little burnt out from my mad blog dash last month, but I’m back with this month’s Pink Bird post! Today I’ll be talking about Etude House’s new Happy With Piglet collection. I’ll be reviewing several eyeshadows, blushes, lip tints, and accessories from the collection so read on to find out more! (Very picture heavy)

Etude House Holiday 2018 Tiny Twinkle Collection Part 1 – Ornaments

Is it possible? I’m actually on time for a Pink Bird post for once?! Because I have to get my stuff shipped from Korea to Canada (and EMS would cost me an arm and a half) I’m always forced to turn in the posts late (which is why they end up accumulating and I do 1 million Etude House posts in a row 😂). Having said that, let’s get into today’s post! This one is about 3 of the ornaments from the 2018 Tiny Twinkle holiday collection – the Mini Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Ornament, the Mini Two Match Ornament, and the Mini Mirror Holic Ornament.

Etude House Play 101 Setting Powder 01, 02, 05, 06 Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! I have another slew of Etude House Pink Bird posts for you – I should probably change my name to “Jasmineitor & Etude House” at this point 😂. I’m waiting for the end of the year sales so I can mass buy everything I have on my previous no-buy list hehe. Anyway, today’s post is on Etude House’s latest expansion to the “Play 101” line – the Play 101 Setting Powders! I received 01, 02, 05, and 06 for review. Let’s get into it!

Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation & Brush Review & Wear Test

Hello there! Ever since leaving humid S.Korea for a dry city (it’s actually classified as a desert!) I’ve struggled with base makeup products because of how dehydrated and dry my skin has become. I wasn’t a fan of the original Double Lasting Foundation formula, but this new formula claims to increase y0ur skin’s moisture by up to 61%, so needless to say I was excited to try it out!

Etude House Nuts & Fruits Collection – Shadows & Lipstick Reviews & Swatches

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile but I’m still around. I got a full time job last month and so it’s been a huge transitional period for me, learning how to keep up with my Instagram posts while fitting in K-Beauty reviews. But because of that I now have the ability to buy new products (I accumulated a huge list while on my no-buy😂), so look forward to those! Anyway, today I’ll be talking about Etude House’s Nuts & Fruits collection, including eyeshadows “BR422”, “BR428”, “BE114”, “BR415”, and Mini Two Match lipsticks in “Hazelnut”, “Jujube”, “Almond”, “Peanuts”, and “Walnuts”.